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Well it has been a long time between posts. The website has experienced major spam problems so apologies to those who I haven’t responded to yet. Just reading through all those amazing offers from spam! Thanks to you all for keeping the project running with your great comments. Hopefully we will be able to improve the website in the coming months.
Recently one of the big guns and definitely big identity from the Brisbane club scene John Hannay passed away. He will be remembered for many clubs with the Beat being the club he is most associated with.
I’d love to hear your stories and experiences and even pics of Hannay and clubbing so send them on through!

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80’s Nightclub Reunion

Lovers of 80s club sounds we are going to party all night long with the next 80s Nightclub Reunion set for Saturday the 13th of June in the 80s themed H Lounge, upstairs of the Hamilton Hotel.

Get ready for some of the biggest 80s club dance music, party pop, new wave, funk and some late 70s Disco Grooves which filled the dance floors 30 years ago.

80s clubbers and 90s nightclub operators and dj’s LES-BOSS and DARREN JAMES together promise to transport you the good times of Brisbane’s biggest 80s Nightclubs.

If you partied in the 80’s and you went clubbing at Sybil’s, Images, Transformers, Rumours, Manhattans, Hot Gossip, Lexington Queen, Tracks, Wall Street, Cafe Neon, Stratus, Penthouse, Cocktails & Dreams, Twains, Toucan Club, Reflections, Patches, The Roxy, Charlottes, Metropolis, Terminus, The Beat, General Jacksons, Mars Bar, Someplace Else, Fortunes, Bensons, Fridays, Tokyo Joe’s, The Underground, Bonaparte’s and The New York Hotel THEN THIS IS THE PARTY FOR YOU!

Tickets are $15 (inclusive of booking fee) available online via Oztix and $20 on the Door.


First 100 through the door receive a free 80s Nightclub Reunion Mixed Cd

80s Nightclub Reunion

Saturday 13 June 2015

Doors 7pm – 3am – Dress 80s Absolutely Fabulous

H Lounge upstairs Hamilton Hotel

442 Kingsford Smith Drive Hamilton


Hashtag: #80snightclubreunion   Website:

For further information please Contact Les Kostoglou of E.M.U Productions

on 0457 322 984 or

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Brisbane Music Graveyard

Thank you all for your comments and emails. We’ve discovered some new clubs and will be adding them to the list and updating soon. A recent email I received was from John who has set up a project called Brisbane Music graveyard. He is aiming to document as much local music from the past as possible and make it available again for old fans and new ears. He has only been working on this for a month and has posted some of the records from his collection of bands he grew up watching but would like to broaden out. He is keen to speak to musos that are interested in getting their music up for people to enjoy again. So if you are interested please head to John’s site and let him know.

Good luck John!

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The Vinyl is coming out to play

If you were a clubber in the 80’s and the 90’s then this special night is just for you. GOYA DISCO was a weekly Sunday night event at the Greek Club which ran incredibly from 1975 to 1993. Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting to George Kassos who was one of the DJ’s at the club. He told me that when it first started it was the only Sunday night disco in Brisbane. Every week they would have to apply for a liquor permit and every week crowds would turn up for a great night out. Now, 21 years after GOYA DISCO said farewell it’s time to dust of the vinyls and head to the Greek Club to step back in time and get on the dance floor. Original vinyls and the original DJS from GOYA (80’s-90’s), Images, Sibyls,  Lexington Queen, Rumours, Images, Hot Gossip, Mary Street and Transformers. I love that vinyl will be played – beats the laptop if you ask me.

What a hoot this one is going to be!

So get along for this great step back in time.

80s + 90s Vinyl night

Friday September 12


The Greek Club

Edmonstone Street South Brisbane

$10 entry

For more info go to the Facebook page

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A Happening Season

The following photo was sent through by Michael of Adam and Eves. Adam and Eves was in Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley and was open in the 70’s. As it says on the wall it was a happening season. A lot of clubs in the 60’s and early 70’s were open at night but would also open on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon providing live music to the youngsters. Many were also unlicensed but that didn’t stop punters bringing in something stronger. If you went to Adam and Eves or any of the day clubs, let us know your experience.

Adam and Eves

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Bands and musicians at the Majestic Hotel in 1973

I received this request from Fiona trying to locate her original birth father. He was a musician in clubs in the 70’s, particularly at the Majestic Hotel. As a few of you who read Clubbed Out are muso’s I was wondering whether anyone can help.

Hello this website is very interesting and lots of work has gone into this interesting site. The reason I am writing to you to put in short is I am an adoptee & have been searching for my birth father since I was 18 years old, I am now getting closer to 40 – gosh where does the time go!! Anyway the point is my birth father played in a 4 piece band at the Majestic Hotel in Brisbane in 1973. Finding my father means so very much to me & happy to share more information just am trying to find out the names of bands who played their between July 1973 – September 1973. I realise that this can be needle in a hay stack situation however I am also trying to find who owned the hotel at this time?? I guess there is many clues to this puzzle which can come from any information or perhaps you might know where I might start my search regarding the Majestic in 1973. Any information that may assist me I would greatly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Also you made mention of Charlie Browns and my father I grew up with owned this establishment in the late 70?s so maybe you have some questions regarding this pub? Thank you for your time and this website it’s actually given me some hope. Many thanks Fiona

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Touring in Brisbane

Special thanks to David Rowlands who sent me some interesting info and pics relating to venues “Phil Jones and the Unknown Blues” toured from Sydney to Brisbane in 1967. They travelled by train with all the band equipment with one member driving up. The boys were accommodated in a flat at Coorparoo.

The main venue they performed at was Cloudland playing with “Thursday’s Children” which a few of our readers remember. The two shows were on Saturday afternoon and evening. I love an afternoon show! They then played shows at Prinz Alfreds in Adelaide Street, The Red Orb then at Danceland at the Gold Coast.  The next gig was called The Boat-trip. It was on the MV Mirimar which later in it’s life would take people to Lone Pine until it’s retirement in 2009. They played for mainly teenage girls whilst the boat cruise along. The boat came and moored at an island in the bay (I’m thinking maybe Moreton?), all the passengers disembarked and walked across to an open air stage. The band played another rest then all rebounded and returned to the city. Sounds better than some of those other boat cruises.

The next venue astounded me – I did not know this existed until David let me know. I knew of Snoopys club run by the YMCA but not of Snoopy Hollow. Snoopy Hollow was located in the top level of the City Council car park in Wickham Terrace. Who would have thought that we had a band venue there? Apparently the crowds were huge and the band were very welcomed. David reports that it was a great venue not only for it’s location but because the weather was so hot and humid it was a lot cooler on the roof.

They finished their tour with an “out of town gig” at The Bowl at the Ipswich Tenpin Bowl. What a great tour with amazing venues. Thanks for sending through David.

If you went to any of these shows or experienced any of these venues particularly Snoopy Hollow, let me know.

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Club nicknames

When I was compiling and updating the club list, I also got together a list of clubs with their nicknames. I love the fact that most people called these venues these names. It seemed to spread. Some of them referenced the age of people attending – The Wintergarden was a big underage club and the other spectrum was Someplace Else. That is where the older people went to. The rest of the names are up to your interpration.

This is what I have so far :

Casablanca – Catch a Wanker
Cafe Neon – Cafe No one  / Cafe Win on
The Underground – Underpants/ Undies
Mary Street – Scary Street
Someplace Else – Grab a Granny
The Wintergarden – The Kindergarden
Court Jester – Court Molester

Now I’m sure there are a few more nicknames that I’ve missed. So if you had a special name for a club let me know.

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Brisbane Times article

Fab journo Katherine Feeney has written an article based around footage that she saw filmed at Tracks nightclub in the 80’s. She also interviewed me about Clubbed Out and going out in the 80’s. Great footage of the club and fashion too. This project is keen for any footage, photos or memorabilia and of course your stories. Lots of people have commented how they would take photos before going out, but no one would take their cameras out with them. Cameras were expensive and a lot of them were bulky. As for video or film, any that we’ve found (very little so far) was done by the venue operators.

Since the article has been up, I’ve received a lot of comments and feedback about the project so thank you all.  If you haven’t already seen it take a look, it’s worth a gander and yes the podium dancers are included!

I’ll be posting more of your recollections as well. If you have some interesting stories and recollections you can leave a comment or go to contribute and fill out a survey form.

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A readers post and your assistance

Recently I received some great cards and info from Noelene. I love discovering clubs and really appreciate everyone posting their stories on going out. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please do! Can you include years and addresses so I can pin point when the club existed and where it was. Without this I can’t add it to our club list. As for the club list, I have had such a great response I will be totally revising it soon. Promise. When you do list a club I do have to check via archives and library research which does take time.

This is what Noelene sent through:                                                                                              First club I went to was Rebeccas it was in the basement of a building that now is occupied by Commonwealth bank in Edward Street. The entry door as I recall was about a metre from the laneway that is still there and bounds the Rowes Building. There was another club downstairs in Rowes arcade. I think it had a spiral staircase and was called Rowes or Roses Wine Bar ???(ed I think it was Old Roses – can anyone confirm?) Licence laws meant that meals had to be served with the ticket price.Rebeccas had a rib fillet and salad deal. The steak was very thin as I recall.

The laneway was the scene of much boy/girl action and drugs, but I just recall seeing marijuana and pills. The first night I was there was late in 1977 I think it was November and we called in after Rod Stewart’s concert at Festival Hall. I worked there at lunchtime as a waitress.  One of the part owners, Lez Zeilin was Polish and his Mother worked in the kitchen making traditional Polish food. Surprisingly for such a dive of a place that Polish food was made with love and care and tasted fantastic.  I still remember how different that place looked in the daytime, although being in the basement it wasn’t exactly bright.

The second club was Harringtons. Owned by Gerry Harrington who also owned Rebeccas.  Harringtons was in the Valley opposite the now China Town street. Think it is Tony’s Nightclub now. Gerry had it all decked out in maroon velvet with lamps on tables and a small stage with a dance floor which was surrounded with mirrors. Same licence laws. The chef (for want of a better word) was called Cookie. The lasagne was very popular, can’t remember much else on the menu, most people stuck with the lasagne although watching Cookie make it was enough for me not to recommend it.The tomato base was made by a guy who owned/worked in ??? the restaurantacross the road on the corner of the side street. (ed- I think this was the Riveria) He used to deliver boxes of the sauce in XXXX longneck bottles. They were the main clubs I went to. After Harringtons came Whispers in the Valley. I was out of the scene by then. Oddly I don’t remember Rebeccas or Harringtons closing down.(ed- Can anyone assist?)

Charlie Browns wine bar was also popular, it was downstairs just around the corner of Albert Street in QUEEN Street. Think there is a phone shop or ANZ bank there now. Suspect that the downstairs part of JB Hi Fi formed part of it. Afrika in Elizabeth Street became popular, I think it may have preceded Rebeccas but I’m not sure, my first husband worked there and on the back of the entry card he has written me a note from when he lived at Annerley. Thats why I think it was early days. The guys (Gerry Harrington and Les Zeilin) had leased the site that became the Atcherley. Awful place, what were they thinking, I remember going there with them to see if it could become the next hot spot. They went ahead and I recall being there on the opening night but can’t recall ever going back. After Whispers in the Valley, much later, probably 1983/84 was The Brisbane Underground in Caxton Street. That place was my last experience of clubs.  Anyway, enjoy the cards…Boogie Wonderland just started playing in my head.

Thanks Noelene for your stories and your cards. If you have something you’d like to contribute, let me know.

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