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Recently we’ve been chatting a lot about Top Of The State. It was THE place to go. Not only did it have amazing views, located on the top floor of the then SGIO building, it also had a revolving dance floor. We’d love to hear your stories about this club which later became Images. Is it true that Boz Scaggs when he toured and played in Brisbane was refused entry because he was wearing sneakers? David Bowie also went there in 1978 and I guess many more a celebrity went there too. This poster has been sent to us and I’m very excited, just wish shows like that were still on, and that we still had nightclubs on the top floors of buildings!

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  1. radioShirley says:

    and don’t ya wish you still had poster design as wonderful as this! So many stars
    and I’m such a sucker for a TAA logo!

  2. ann brown says:

    Yes…it’s true about Boz Scaggs! They kicked him out the first time because of his runners however when he returned for his second concert a few years later, they nearly fell over themselves to get him to come back…of course he didn’t!

    So many wonderful memories of disco’s in Brisbane in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. However one that nobody has mentioned yet was the first one I ever went to. It was called “Tiffany’s” and it was downstairs in Atcherly House (opposite the National hotel) I remember the first (and only) time I went there the DJ was Paul J Turner who at that time was one of the 4IP Good Guys…that whole era has left a huge impression on me.

  3. Geoff says:

    What about the Sunday afternoon shows in the parks around Brisbane, we couldn’t get enough music, all weekend. I can remember huge crowds turning out to see local bands. And lets not forget Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds. Gee I can’t believe we fitted so much into those years. Keep it coming!!!

  4. kyle says:

    Also, it was the Called “Ilusions” in the 1980’s

  5. kyle says:

    oops sorry “Images”,
    Ilutions was at Sheriden Hotel (now Sofotel)

  6. David Nelson says:

    Aaahh the 80’s – great times.
    I was lucky enough to play in a local band called Mr. Meaner – we used to play the National Hotel, Jindalee Hotel, The Homestead and many others.
    Golden era for bands – we used to turn over around $200K per year – bands actually got paid well then…….

    • Jennifer says:

      I would of been one of your biggest fans back than.

    • Wayne Horne says:

      Hey David … I’m compiling a list of 70s Brisbands. Could you supply details of members/instruments pics of Mr Meaner. Also see brisbane bands of the 70s FB page

      • David Nelson says:

        Hi Wayne,
        Really sorry for the late response but have been living in New York for the last couple of years.
        The band members were:
        Chris Greentree – Vocals
        Brian Butler – Guitar/Vocals
        Chris MacWhirter – Bass
        James Poulos – Drums
        David Nelson – Lead Guitar/Vocals
        Mr. Meaner was formed in 1979 from the remnants of Touch which included only myself and Jim with our singer being Sam Raffa and our bass player was Peter Blyton.
        Thanks Wayne and would love to see the results of your list.
        I can probably help with other bands members names too

        • Rex says:

          Hi David. I played the local scene in the 70’s in Everest. Many gigs back then. Homestead ; Sunnybank; Newnham; Playroom; Mansfield; Queens etc etc. Good times , good memories. Cheers Rex Coleman.

      • Malcolm Conner says:

        Hey Wayne. My name is Malcolm Conner and had a band named Covetree and came from NZ in 1976 to work at the top of the state. We were actually playing a boz scags number on stage when he was denied entrance. The same happened to David Essex. Covetree was: Malcolm Conner..lead guitar and vocals.. My brother David Conner on drums..Paul Terry on bass and vocals and Hector Parkinson..guitar and vocals. I have a photo of the band taken on stage if I can work out how. Cheers

    • Garth McDonald says:

      We thought you guys were excellent. Best local band to see. Saw you a the playroom on the Gold Coast too

  7. rosie says:

    I was a waitress at Romeo’s for a couple of years with 2 New Zealand sisters what a great time we had

  8. David Nelson says:

    Thanks Jennifer – it’s thanks to people like you that allowed us to have a great time.
    Our farewell job at the National was a sad affair of course but since then we have played another 3 shows -for our birthdays and anniversary of the band and it’s amazing how much better we were – I guess maturity makes you a better player
    Thanks again – really appreciate the kind comment

    • Sue Radovanovic says:

      Hi,David had the best years going to your concerts,in the 80’s was good friends with Paul and went to Jims wedding,and lots of parties.Hope alls good for you guys.Would love to see any film clips and photos.

    • Shane Tilby says:

      Wow , just stumbled onto this page tonight . Mr Meaner popped into my mind . We used to see you guys play at the Nash, & Wilson’s 1870 ( under where the anger acentre now is ) . Loved seeing you guys covering the Easybeats , etc plus the great originals like Ripped Off Again , and I Dig the TV ( I have the single ????) . Plus was it “ Tell the Union What you Want “ .
      Great days , you guys rocked it big time . Hope all are in good health .

      • Chris Greentree says:

        Hi Shane .. You have a great memory .. Tell the Union was actually called ” Stewys Song ” ie shop steward … We were a very busy local band sometimes playing 5 to 6 gigs a week , certainly made the band tight playing live a lot … I think my favourite venue in Brizzy was Cloudland …. Vale Cloudland :cheers Chris G

  9. Kathy ricardo says:

    I still have the original restaurant of images nightclub at the top of the sgio. Are there any photos of the staff that worked there

  10. Tricia says:

    Ah! The revolving dance floor! I turned into a complete a$$ one night after enjoying a lot of dancing. I was really annoyed at the people who “took” our table, only to turn crimson red when they indicated to us that, someone across the other side of the dance floor was trying to get our attention…… the table we started off from! Talk about wanting the floor to open up an swallow you!

  11. Mark says:

    I was the DJ at Whispers Nightclub in the Valley late 70’s early 80’s. Anyone remember the nightclub?

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