The Roxy

We have a request from Troy and I am hoping someone can help us out. Troy met his wife at the Roxy in the Valley in 1987. I remember the Roxy then… It was pretty packed and had the two levels and tried to be super swanky. Well Troy would love to see a picture of the club back then not to be romantic, but to show off the sleazy place they met in! I love it!! So if you happen to have a pic or any further stories on the Roxy, let me know. Personally, I preferred Patches which was upstairs with a separate entrance. It also had a great ceiling too. And, really good music if memory serves me correct.

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  1. Anthony says:

    The Roxy, one of my favorite haunts. Saw some some great live shows there, one in particular will always live with me. The Machinations, December 1986. It was a typically hot and steamy Brisbane summer night, the place was jam packed…and then the aircon packed it in. It still remember watching water dripping from the lighting grid above the stage thinking that isn’t good. The Machinations were absolutely storming that night, and I lost about 5kg in sweat.

    I just wish we had easy to carry cameras back then like we do now…

    • Gaylene says:

      I too remember seeing the Machinations in ’86. The Roxy hosted some fantastic bands back in the eighties. I was pretty much there every Friday night usually starting off the night with a cocktail in the upstairs cocktail bar. Remember seeing Spy vs Spy there several times. They were awesome live!! Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls, Hunters and Collectors, The Models and who could forget Weddings Parties Anything… god they were great. Miss those times…

  2. Franko says:

    I recollect the Roxy in the mid to late 80s and I have no recollection of it being super swanky. I recall it being a crap hole with expensive beer. But by then it was largely a live venue I think.

    Around that time I saw (at the Roxy):

    HUXTON CREEPERS supporting THE CRAMPS 16-Aug-86
    MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER supporting THE JOHNNYS 04-Mar-88

    Most Brisbane niteclubs of the 80s and 90s start off as dance clubs and have a couple of years in the sun if they are lucky before tastes change. After that they turn into live venues and the decor remains the same and of course is not replaced if broken so the places get tattier and tattier. It was only in the late 90s that the upmarket bar, venue, niteclub started to make some in reoads …the first being the Press Club I suppose.


  3. wayne cable says:

    yesim wayne I was the licensee of roxy but I mainly ran Patches up stairs

    • Dabian says:

      Wayne it’s Dabian you proble don’t remember me but my mate Jason and I loved Patches. Great times remember chilling out in your office behind the stage. Mate would you have any photos of the club as my memory is starting to fade. If so could you please send some.

  4. Michael says:

    The Roxy was always a live venue, I was working for the first resident band when it opened (Smashed Jaffa Effect) I also worked for the Machinations for sometime, what a fantastic live band they were.
    And yes the aircon breaking down was a regular occurrence.

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