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Majestic inside cover

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  1. Fiona says:

    Hello this website is very interesting and lots of work has gone into this interesting site 🙂 the reason I am writing to you to put in short is I am an adoptee & have been searching for my birth father since I was 18 years old, I am now getting closer to 40 gosh where does the time go!! Anyway the point is my birth father played in a 4 piece band at the majestic hotel in Brisbane in 1973. Finding my father means so very much to me & happy to share more information just am trying to find out the names of bands who played their between July 1973 – September 1973. I realise that this can be needle in a hay stack situation however I am also trying to find who owned to hotel at this time?? I guess there is many clues to this puzzle which can come from any information or perhaps you might know where I might start my search regarding the majestic in 1973. Any information that may assist me I would greatly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Also you made mention of Charlie browns and my father I grew up with owned this establishment in the late 70’s so maybe you have some questions regarding this pub? Thank you for your time and this website it’s actually given me some hope. Many thanks fiona

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