Rogues – what a club!

Hi to you all. I know it’s been a while between drinks or posts but I hope to keep you up to date about what you are sending me. In the coming weeks the club list will be updated and we will post more pics. Special thanks to Kyle for this one… Rogues International, now there’s a club! You can’t get anymore international than Underwood and Rogues set its sights on being the classiest club you could get in the ‘wood. Before Rogues however the club that existed was Caesars Palace. They had a great jingle “Caesars Palace, the ROCK HEART UNDERWOOD!!” The last three words were meant to be shouted as that’s what this place was all about. Rogues continued the tradition especially with their amateur strip night for both ladies and gentlemen. Now there’s a way to meet the locals. When Kyle sent me through this pic I was a little sad that yet again another clubbing institution has said bye bye. Although if any of you are keen there is a business opportunity awaiting for you!

Please let me know your memories from this great venue.

By the way Kyle has informed me that there was a Caesars Palace in Ipswich that hosted an amateur strip night as well. Does anyone know about this? If so were the two venues run by the same people? We’d love to know.

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  1. allen travers says:

    When did rogues start. We are discussing this and i said the 1980’s is this true

  2. Debbie says:

    This was still there in the early 90’s, nearly every 2nd weekend we would go there 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    I remember Ceasers Ipswich and Ceasers Underwood very well, played there with many bands, Di was the DJ at underwood then she went to the Jet Club at Cooloongatta.
    Ceasers Ipswich was upstairs and a pain to lug in, I dont think they were owned by the same people…..both were great gigs in the early 80’s.

    • Robert Hubsch says:

      Wow bring back memories now, I was the DJ there at Underwood in 1989 & also at Ipswich for a few years in the early 80’s then back there when the club was called Illusions in the 90’s

    • Troy Williams says:

      Before it became Rouges it was called Ceasers Palace. My Mother Teena was the manager there for a few years with a man by the name of Jim Lathurus. Di the Dj was hired at this time and was a lovely woman many parties with her at the club. I worked there as a glass picker for my mother at the age of 16. Love to hear from anyone who remember this cheers

  4. Jodie henderson says:

    Rouges was the best nitclub ever i whent every fri n sat night always won the aumutre strip n then started stripping there in friday arvo i miss the people expecially BRENDON LONG HAIRED BRENDON… Oh n good old jerry harington.. if any one knos where he is pleae get him intouch with me jodie henderson facebook…….

    • Todd Francis says:

      If that was the Friday arvo show late late 1990,s I worked security. Had a lot of fun and played pretty hard. I would then work Friday and Saturday night with Deano, and Tim and Itti Toko.

  5. Andy says:

    Hmm the memory’s from rogues are some of the best
    I have,was there Friday and Saturday nights this was the
    Club to be at I missed it once it was gone

  6. jodie says:

    Yes fridsy arvo shows n i fully miss it. Does anyone kno where jerry is or brendan

  7. Mark says:

    Hi everyone
    i was rogues first dj
    And worked there several times over the years
    The owner ralph wanted me back there when widside strip revue started
    Was a great time and Friday nites were awesome
    Miss the old place and now its gone
    But great memories
    Cheers mark

    • Jason says:

      Mark Bell… How the hell are you mate?!? Such amazing memories and great times that will stay with me forever!! And Jerry Harrington is still around Logan Jody…

  8. Jason says:

    I was the DJ at Rogues around 1989 / 1990 after Mark. I was the DJ at Beenies, later Krystal’s Niteclub at the Beenleigh Tavern beforehand then Ralph invited me to move to Bundaberg to DJ at his hotel, The Young Australian. After that I moved back to Brisbane and started Dj’ing in the city at Wall Street, Transformers, The Beat and then Club 131.

    • Jason says:

      Amazing memories and great times!! Those years will stay with me forever!! And Jerry Harrington is still around Logan Jody…

  9. Adrian Miller says:

    Came across this blast from the past by accident, and it triggered memories of the late 80’s of underage drinking, buying rounds of rum & coke, people passing out and seeing people asleep with heads on tables…

    The place often reeked of vomit (see earlier comment about availability of cheap jugs of run & coke) when you walked in…you accepted this as the price of cheap and easy access to booze. It was full bogue, no men i knew danced, we were there for the cheap drinks and we hammered them home…..

    That didn’t stop us going, no, what stopped me and my mates was the amateur strip nights, we saw a girl from or school off her dial strip there one night and we were so embarrassed for her that we could never face the place again,…it was hard enough seeing her at school the next monday. Sometimes stripping isnt hot, its just sad. That night it got sad real quick….only time ive ever seen a stripper…

    But anyways, the old days of Springwood and Underwood…still the best days of my life, the 80’s with mates, running amock

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