Do you have a souvenir from your favourite nightclub? An ashtray, glass, matchbox, coaster? What about flyers, posters, film or photos? The Clubbed Out Roadshow invites you to be a part of Brisbane’s nightclub history. Bring your souvenir along to get it assessed and it may be included in the Clubbed Out history project. It must be from 1950 -2000. Come along and see what others have brought, exchange stories and memories and enjoy music and a clubbing scene.

Clubbed Out Roadshow

Friday 19 November


Brisbane Square Library

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  1. Mia says:

    Hey Ladeez
    Have been waiting for the right opportunity/place to contribute my 80’s clubscene bits and pieces, and I do hope your project is the right one. Will you develop an ‘upload option’ for this website? So we can scan & send things if not in Brisvegas? Will look for my prized membership card from the Stardust Room in the basement of the old Atcherley Hotel, clippings of ads from the last days of the Outpost and there’ll only be hazy tales from seeing friends bands at The Love Inn, before trying to make sense of that beer garden out back. Think we still have the street press social pages pic from one night at Lulu’s too. Looking forward to hearing/seeing what other treasures your project uncovers.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Mia
      we are working on that. Keen to get or hands on the originals when we do our exhibition. Until then you can email me directly with anything you have. So glad you mentioned the Stardust Room, we have been trying to find out what that venue was called at the Atcherley. Now where exactly was the love in??

  2. Darren says:

    The club we frequented the most in the early to mid 80’s was “The Court Jester” under the MLC building & was part of the Criterion. This of course later became “Alices”. We had moved on to other clubs by then though, probably to “Rosies”, “Tracks”, or similar.
    I remember the cover charge started at “The Jester” at 6:30pm so had to be inside before then if under 18 to beat the bouncers and back in those days, the Police Officer on the door. I clearly remember the unmarked car parked out the front if there was one on duty that night. So if you were underage and there was a bouncer or similar on the door, a friend (over 18)would be instructed to open the fire escape door in Burnett Lane to allow entry by the others. What great memories & what a perfectly positioned fire escape. Rosies we also discovered, had a similar door which was utilised to avoid the shoe nazi bouncers, as patrons had to have leather shoes for entry to “Rosies” back then.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Darren,
      Well Court Jester is really bringing back the memories for everyone. 6.30 is very early to get into a club, and as for avoiding the police, how clever was everyone! Love it. I see the venue is now up for lease – wonder what it will become?

    • tony says:

      hahaha – The Court Jester!

      I worked at Tracks over the road (83-85), and The Court Jester was nicknamed the Court Molester due to all the underage girls we’d see going in..

  3. Adrienne says:

    Have soooo many memories from so many different points of view. Was only 16 when I first went to court jester, told my mum and dad was going to a midnight mass for christmas with a friend and ended up comming home at 2am with mum and dad freaking out. Then went out with a skinhead for the next few years, so the club scene then was all about the best bands and that type of music, then managed to go out with a very prominent club owner for three years where I was introduced to so many sides of the nightclub world, from meeting and partying with famous faces always able to walk into any club without paying cover charge, or drinks for that matter. Then went on to work at some of the best known clubs in town. (and around north qld as I had to dissapear from the ex boyfriend nightclub owner!!!)
    Too many great memories, some I have trouble remembering, but all of which could make up a great book. My daughter will never believe her mum could be such a rager!!

  4. Pauline says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    I laugh everytime I hear the words Court Jester! I remember we all called it Court Molester. Seems we all got out on the town early in life, the Court Jester did have the reputation for youngsters. What about your clubbing life, you packed it in! And I bet your daughter has no idea.
    Keen to chat to you more about your experiences, I do agree that they could probably fill a book too.

    • Lindsay says:

      I could fill a Court Molester book just on stories from rigging competitions with Howie (remember when all clubs had a promotions manager?) and the &20 all you can drink Saturday nights!! He he he, surprised I remember jack shot actually 😉

  5. Anthony says:

    I can’t wait to see the Roadshow, well done !. I have some memorabilia from Images that I’d be happy to contribute if you need it.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Anthony,
      we’d love to meet you at the Roadshow and interview you as well. I’m very envious of your clubbing times! I never made it to TOTS – Top of the State or Images as by the time it was Images I had bright red shaved hair and knew I had no chance of getting in! I’d love to have a look at what you have kept.
      Look forward to meeting you at the Roadshow

  6. Denise Martin says:

    I have great memories of Cloudland where we attended on Thursday Nights at the Mater dances and on Saturday night as well. We attended many balls there and we u decorated the alcoves, I made my debut there at the NCGM AND YCW BALL when I was only 16 years of age. Afterwards we all went to The Blue Moon Night Club in town.
    We also had coffee many times at the Primitiff and De Brazil. my daughter always said we all grew up in the best era, as we always mixed in a large crowd and had a wonderful time. We also had our very own Night Club on a Sunday at Moorooka Catholic Youth Club, we can honestly all claim fame to the fact that the late Billy Thorpe as a ten year old, sang his very first song for us at Moorooka Cabaret we still have the programne of his first night singing for us. He performed quite regularly and we paid him a small amount. he commenced with a wooden guitar and when he had enough money he purchased an electric guitar for himself.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Denise, thanks so much for your comment. I would love to see any photos that you may have as well as the programme for the Moorooka Cabaret. Could you also please let me know where The Blue Moon Night Club was? Hope you can make it to the Roadshow too!

  7. Olga says:

    Olga says,Pauline,sorry I lost track after being flooded in January, but saved all memorabilia and now back on line with new email address.Look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Regards to all.

  8. Garth Wooler says:

    Hi. I was a cocktail barman at the (Hale Street) Underground, head barman at Tracks (briefly), and also worked at Rosies, The Barn (at the Waterloo Hotel in the Valley) and The Newnham Hotel, and of course was a regular patron of The Beat, The Court Jester and a few of the other clubs around town (as one did in those days). I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me from that time, expecially if anyone knows the whereabouts of mates Peter Austin and Alex Arena, Diane the Underground manager, Peter (her replacement), Buzz the Bouncer or anyone else from that time and those places. Find me on Facebook!

  9. Tracey McCulloch says:

    I remember going to Images when I was only 14, dressed to the nines.

    If you put your drink down on the ledge at edge of the room, to go for a dance, it was near impossible to find again due to the revolving floor. Funny funny days.

  10. waynecable says:

    i stiil have one original coaster from whisky au go go nite club

  11. waynecable says:

    original bar coaster from whisky au go go

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