Return to White Chairs

For those of you who liked punk bands and that great bar White Chairs, a special reunion day is just around the corner. “White chairs” for those of you who don’t know was located at the back of the Carlton Hotel in Elizabeth Street. It used to be the Carlton Hotel’s Public Bar. This building was one of the many great buildings we lost to the truly awful Myer Centre. In the late 70’s through to the early 80’s White Chairs was a meeting spot for many a Brisbane punk before heading out to live gigs. The beer was cheap and the bar was pretty packed with leather, mohawks, coloured hair, studs and chains.

Return to White Chairs is a reunion featuring a smorgasbord of original bands from Brisbane’s most anarchist musical period. This is going to be a great event with an amazing line up. This is what is in store for you…

Lemmings 2 -2.30pm
Skeletones 2.50 -3.20pm
The Pits 3.40 -4.10pm
Pork 4.30 -5.00pm
No V Bleet 5.20 -5.50pm
Xero 6.10 -6.40pm
Lovecraft 7.00 -7.30pm
Black Assassins 7.50 -8.20pm
Leftovers 8.40 – 9.10
New Improved Testament 9.30 – 10pm

Screenings will be upstairs above the band area, in a chill out zone and there are over 800 pics and 21 videos to feast your eyes on while resting your ears. The bistro bar will be playing all the hits from back in the day as well. Have a look here for info, music clips and pics

It’s bound to be a biggy!!!!

Sunday 30 September at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Nundah. Doors open 10am.

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