Tammy and George at Images

Well the Images reminiscing continues! Thanks to Tammy Howden for sending me this pic through. Images was Tammy’s favourite haunt in the 80’s. Tammy and George met at there when they were 18. They have been happily married for 28 years now! They still have a huge vinyl collection from the era (I think a lot of us do!) and would love to find out what happened to people they used to meet up with there. Here’s the pic of the happy couple at the club they loved.

If you have a pic or something you’d like to see in Clubbed Out let us know.

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Images Playlist

We’ve received a lot of comments about Top of The State and then Images which was located on the top floor of the SGIO building (which is now Suncorp). We had the pleasure of meeting Temucin otherwise known as DJ Tim at the Clubbed Out Roadshow recently. Temucin showed us some great pictures of Images and told us about his experiences there. Tammy and George Howden meet at Images and have been married for 28 years. They still have the original photo of themselves in the Images sleeve. Ray emailed us to let us know he still has his VIP key ring and Anthony has a champagne bottle from the final night with Temucin’s signature on it!

We gave Temucin a difficult task and asked him if he could send 5 songs that were on the Images playlist. So sit back enjoy the music and the clips and lets go back to Images!!

Here are the five songs that would always fill the dancefloor. Some may not have been on the charts but they were always requested favourites. They were mine too, but there were others. It makes it difficult to just narrow it down to five  (Not in any order).                Enjoy,                                                                                                                                        Temucin

1. Dancing in heaven – Q- Feel   1982                                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXOKPRqIEwc (live version)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvf7_kFUHPo&feature=related (Studio version)

2.Treat her like a lady – The Temptations 1985                       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPUsQDm-HQY

3. She’s fresh – Kool and the Gang (American re-mix)   1984  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ1XwGDcA4

4. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Tight Fit 1982                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cD9cBEaNBc

5. Send Me an Angel – Real Life 1982                                        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6zBjYIyz-0

We’ll be posting more photos and flyers soon, so stay tuned. You can also let us know if there is a particular club you’d like us to profile and we’ll see what we can do.
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Discoveries at the Roadshow

A special thanks to all the people who came along to the Roadshow. It was great to meet you all and discover your memorabilia and stories about your club life. It was great to see that you still have held on to so much – just what a project like this needs! Louis had a range of tickets, musician union cards, press clippings, photos and even a Whisky Au Go-Go pass. Robert brought along pics from the Beat and his singlet that he wore as a uniform. Brother Tim and Turhan had collections from when they DeeJayed in Brisbane. Tim’s Sibyl’s and Images photos were amazing. We also got to meet a go-go dancer. Julie danced when she was 19 at the Manor steakhouse. There were 5 go-go dancers in fringed bikinis. She danced 6 nights a week very fit! We also had Mia show us some great flyers from Lu-Lu’s, the Outpost, the Zoo and more. Even a membership card to Nightmoves. Where was that club?

So stay tuned for photos and images of what we’ve found already. If you missed out, there will be more Roadshows in 2011. So sign up now for updates.

Once again thanks to Brisbane Square Library, the Clubbed Out crew and all of those who came along


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Roadshow around the corner.

We’ve been busy preparing for the first Clubbed Out Roadshow on Friday 19 November 5-7pm at Brisbane Square Library. I do hope that those of you who still have souvenirs from your favourite clubs can come along and show us what you’ve got! We’ll also have DJ Kristian Fletcher taking you through the 5 decades of club music and there will be refreshments served as well.                                                                                                     Clubbed out Roadshow                                                                                                             Friday 19 November 5pm-7pm                                                                                               Brisbane Square Library                                                                                                              266 George Street, City                                                                                                       Admission to the Roadshow is FREE

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Bruce Paige and Clubbed Out

For those of you who missed the story on Bruce Paige Remembers on Channel 9, we have included a link so you can have a look at the story. Thanks to Bob Watson for helping out as well.  The interview was done in one take with no beverages involved whatsoever! Very tricky! We filmed it at Cloudland. Everyone there was super helpful. Thanks to everyone and remember to come along to the Roadshow this Friday night at the Brisbane Square Library.

To watch Bruce and Bob and myself go to


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Roadshow on soon

The first Clubbed Out Roadshow is just around the corner. If you have anything relating to clubs from 1950 -2000 we’d love to meet you and see what you have. All kinds of items are welcome. From photos, flyers, film footage, uniforms, shot glasses even fake ID’s, whatever you have bring it along. There will be some fine tunes from DJ Kristian Fletcher to make your Clubbed Out experience even more enjoyable. So join us on Friday 19 November 5pm-7pm, Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, City.

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Film footage needed

We have had quite a bit of media interest as late and thanks to everyone who has helped us out. Some of the pictures and flyers people still have are great and I do look forward to meeting some of you at the Clubbed Out Roadshow on Friday 19 November from 5pm until 7pm at Brisbane Square Library. At the moment we are in desperate need of any film footage shot in Brisbane nightclubs. Does anyone have any? If so contact us directly, it may be used on some up and coming television stories.

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First Club experience

Well we’ve all had one. Think back to that first time you walked into the world of night clubs in Brisbane. Was it Rumours, Patches, Tracks, Transformers, Pips, Chequers, Whispers, Manhattans,The Move or even Grand Orbit, Super Deluxe, Mary Street, Mass or Alice’s Rock Cafe?  Or somewhere else (or even Someplace Else!).

Thinking back I do recall upstairs at the Cockatoo Bar at the Beat early 80’s celebrating my 17th birthday. We then went on to Trinity Place (does anyone remember the Bruce Lee fluro painting on the dancefloor?). That was a big night alright. I teased the hair up and wore a shirt I made that I had painted lots of banana’s with top hats on. I teamed it with a pair of op shop tuxedo pants and pointy flats. Classy.

Can you remember where you went, what you wore and what you danced to?

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Top of the State

Recently we’ve been chatting a lot about Top Of The State. It was THE place to go. Not only did it have amazing views, located on the top floor of the then SGIO building, it also had a revolving dance floor. We’d love to hear your stories about this club which later became Images. Is it true that Boz Scaggs when he toured and played in Brisbane was refused entry because he was wearing sneakers? David Bowie also went there in 1978 and I guess many more a celebrity went there too. This poster has been sent to us and I’m very excited, just wish shows like that were still on, and that we still had nightclubs on the top floors of buildings!

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Thanks for the response

So far the response to Clubbed Out has been great! Thanks to all of you who have commented and emailed to let us know what you have and your experiences. You can also go to our facebook page to join the forum as well. We have discovered some great clubs and remembered quite a few as well. It was a shame to go to 81 Elizabeth Street recently and discover that the longest running underground club in Brisbane (under various guises) is now an internet cafe. If only someone had the vision to bring back a DB’s or I’d even settle for a Knights or Hollywoods (ok, I’m a bit desperate there but who wasn’t when it came to going to Hollywoods!). In commencing all this research it’s amazing to discover what we have lost. I would love to see what Brisbane’s nightlife would look like now if the Myer Centre hadn’t happened and if we still had at least one old grand pub in Queen Street. Would everything be centered in an entertainment precinct? Hard to say but I think we should keep a watchful eye  on 81 Elizabeth Street and pounce when it comes up for lease. Anyone got a few dollars to spare?

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