NYE at Images

I thought as we approach the New Year it would be nice to post this picture of NYE at Images. When all you needed was balloons and streamers to dress up a club! Enjoy. We will be putting some more great pics up in the coming days.

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2 Responses to NYE at Images

  1. Tammy says:

    Thanx Pauline for the putting up the photo, the blonde guy with the red shirt in front of the picture became my brother-in-law a couple of years after this photo. Great to see the memories!!

  2. Anthony says:

    I’ll bet my house I’m in this photo somewhere. From late ’84 until the night it closed, I lived at Images. In some ways it was more like home than home itself back then, but that’s another story. Tim (Temucin), Silvio, Gary, Brita, Harry, Trish (secret crush), Leanne, Bryce…I still remember the names like it was yesterday, the memories will last a lifetime. After Images, I moved onto Hot Gossip. Nice place, but it wasn’t the same without the views and the people. I think the Images crowd moved onto Sybils, but I couldn’t get into the vibe of that place. Maybe I was after a clean slate. Anyway, enough rambling…

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