Film footage needed

We have had quite a bit of media interest as late and thanks to everyone who has helped us out. Some of the pictures and flyers people still have are great and I do look forward to meeting some of you at the Clubbed Out Roadshow on Friday 19 November from 5pm until 7pm at Brisbane Square Library. At the moment we are in desperate need of any film footage shot in Brisbane nightclubs. Does anyone have any? If so contact us directly, it may be used on some up and coming television stories.

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  1. ian rowland says:

    Lots of luck with the project.
    I am an old broken down doco maker and may be able to help.
    I have heap of old footage on many subjects and have some footage of the Panorama Room club at Cloudland on 16mm colour which has been transferred to DVD.
    Gizza ring somnetime on 3207 8221

  2. Temucin Mustafa says:

    I was a D.J at Sibyls, Images and Hot Gossip. I was known as Tim then. I have footage on video, photos and other paraphernalia. I am also in the early stages of writing a screenplay of my experiences as a D.J. I look forward to being there on the 19th.
    Best wishes,

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Temucin
      Great to hear from you, wow, that sounds great! I am so looking forward to chatting to you and seeing what you bring to the Roadshow. See you on Friday!

  3. Anthony says:

    Tim !!!, so good to hear from you mate. Those memories of you up in the booth at Images are still fresh in mind. I notice you’ve made no metion of your (short) time at the Red Parrot (I think we called it the Dead Parrot !).

    I wish we could catch up at the Roadshow on Friday, but I’m off to Melbourne for a week tomorrow. I still have some stuff left over from Images (including my champagne bottle from the last night), some of which is signed by you.

    They were great times, and they’ve stuck with me ever since. Being kicked out by you or Bryce, or Harry or Trish at 5am when I was watching the sun rise is still one of my lasting memories.

    Hope to catch up with you, after al these years !.

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