Club List

This is a work is progress, and is certainly not complete.. We are currently working on an online database with much more information.

If you have any information about actual dates and addresses or clubs not listed here, please leave a comment below, or Contact us

1950’s 64 Club Church Street Fortitude Valley
1950’s Birdland Edward Street City
1950’s Blue Moon Ann Street City
1950’s El Morocco Macrossan Street Valley
1950’s Havanna Coffee Lounge & Nightclub Cnr Macrossan & Queen Street City
1950’s Le Boheme North Quay now Brisbane Square City
1950’s Leos 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1947-1953 Princes 240 Queen Street City
1950’s The Primitif Piccadilly Arcade Queen St City
1960’s Colmslie Cabaret Hotel Colmslie, Cnr Wynnum & Junction Rds Morningside
1960’s Dog Patch Strathpine Country Club Strathpine
1960’s FOCO Trades Hall City
1960’s International Restaurant & Ravioli Bar 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1960’s Moulin Rouge Night Club Elizabeth Street City
1960’s O’Conner Boathouse North Quay City
1960’s Pacesetters Bellevue Hotel City
1960’s Picala Roma 230 Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Polynesian Room 355 Main Street Kangaroo Point
1960’s Prinz Alfreds Adelaide Street City
1960’s Rainbow Room First Floor, Lennons Hotel City
1960’s Red Orb 78A Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Sadlers Sound Lounge Edward Street City
1960’s Sorrento 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s St George Club Petrie Terrace City
1960’s The Bowl Woolloongabba
1960’s The Hawaiian Eye 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Manor 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Mod World – Kedron Brisbane-Kedron RSL Hall, Tram Stop 30 Kedron
1960’s The Open Door 64 Turbot Street City
1960’s The Scene Ritz Ballroom City
1960’s Torino 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Adam and Eves Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
1970’s Afrika 165 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Blinkers Albert and Charlotte Street City
1970’s Charlie Browns Cnr Albert and Queen Street City
1970’s Chequers 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Club 21 Upper Edward Street City
1970’s Club Harringtons 198 Wickham Terrace Valley
1970’s De Brazil (DB’s) 204 Albert Street City
1970’s Diamond Drill George Street City
1970’s General Jacksons Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1975-1990’s GOYA Disco Greek Club South Brisbane
1970’s Jet Club 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Knights 81 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Mamies 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Old Roses Restaurant Bar Rowes Arcade City
1970’s Palominos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Pips 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Quentins 78A Wickham Street Valley
1970’s Rebeccas Cnr Edward and Queen Street City
1970’s Romeos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Sweeneys 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Swizzles Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Talk of the Town Adelaide Street Brisbane Plaza City
1970’s TC Sound Lounge Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Alley Cat Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Cave Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1970’s The Playboy Club 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Tommys 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Top of the State SGIO Building City
1970’s Uncles 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Whiskey Au Go Go Cnr Amelia Street & St Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley
1970’s Willis Bazaar 546 Queen Street Brisbane
1980’s 42nd Street New York Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Agathas
1980’s Amyls Nightspace National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Arcadia Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Backstage – Alliance Hotel St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Blue Room Colmslie Hotel, Wynnum Road Morningside
1980’s Brissies Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s Caesars Palace Underwood
1980’s Café Neon Given Terrace Paddington
1980’s Castanet Club New York Hotel City
1980’s Charlottes 165 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Spring Hill Hotel Spring Hill
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Hamilton Hotel Hamilton
1980’s Club Vortex D’Junk 409 George Street City
1980’s Court Jester Adelaide Street City
1980’s Cryptronics Treasury Hotel, George Street City
1980’s Electric Circus Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Gatsby’s The Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Gecko Club Gardens Point Campus Club, QIT, George St City
1980’s Hibiscus Room Lennons Hotel City
1980’s Hipnotic 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Brisbane
1980’s Hollywoods 81 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Hot Gossip Albert Street City
1980’s Images SGIO Building City
1980’s Jabbos George Street City
1980’s Labyrinth Red Hill
1980’s Love Inn Ann Street City
1980’s Lu-Lu’s Orient Hotel 560 Queen Street City
1980’s Mad Mac’s Disco Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Manhattans 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Mannequins Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Marilyns Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Mars Bar City
1980’s Moon Bar Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Morticas Hacienda Hotel Valley
1980’s New York Queen Street City
1980’s Nightworx Albert Street City
1980’s Op Shop George Street City
1980’s Outrageous Paddington Tavern Paddington
1980’s Pacesetters Albion Park Raceway Breakfast Creek
1980’s Patches 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Valley
1980’s Pinocchio’s 480 St Paul’s Terrace Valley
1980’s Rosies Edward Street City
1980’s Rumours Adelaide Street City
1980’s Sibyls Adelaide Street City
1980’s Silver Dollar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Spillanes Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1980’s Sunnys Runcorn Tavern Runcorn
1980’s Suzzanah’s Wharfies Club upstairs City
1980’s Sweethearts Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Sweethearts Alexandra Hills Hotel, Cnr McDonald & Finucane Rds Alexandra Hills
1980’s Tankstand Canberra Hotel (rooftop) Ann Street City
1980’s Terminus 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The 502 National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Bank Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Beat 677 Ann St Valley
1980’s The Buzz Bar Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Cockatoo Club 677 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Jetset Club Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Metro Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Move Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Outpost 693 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Roxy 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Zap Club Basement, Community Arts Centre, 109 Edward St City
1980’s Hacienda Hotel, Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Tokyo Joes Ranwell Lane, 210 Wickham St Valley
1980’s Tracks City Plaza Tavern, Cnr George & Adelaide St City
1980’s Transformers Charlotte Street City
1980’s Underground Hale Street/ Barracks Paddington
1980’s Wall Street 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1980’s Warhols 445 Upper Edward Street City
1980’s Wastelands St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Whispers 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s White Chairs (Elizabeth St bar) Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Wilsons Queen St Myer Centre City
1980’s Wintergarden Tavern Queen Street City
1980’s Yesterdays National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Yo Yos Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s 100% 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Abigails The Playground, Robinson Street/Tivoli Valley
1990’s Adrenalin Mary Street City
1990’s Alice’s Rock Café Adelaide Street City
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Bablyon 163 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s Bass Note George Street City
1990’s Big Kahuna Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Big Kahuna Carindale Tavern Carindale
1990’s Casablanca Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Caution Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s City Rowers Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Club 131 Stock Exchange Hotel, 131 Edward Street City
1990’s Club Voltaire
1990’s Crash n Burn 93 Edward Street City
1990’s Criterion George Street City
1990’s Flares Various venues Valley
1990’s Fridays Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Funkyard Elizabeth Street, Myer Centre City
1990’s Grand Orbit Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Hades Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Hogies Charlotte Street City
1990’s Indie Temple Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street/then Valley City
1990’s Jazz n Blues Bar Brisbane City Travelodge, Roma Street City
1990’s Kokoz Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Lexington Queen Albert Street City
1990’s Lush Bar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Mary Street 130 Mary Street City
1990’s Mass Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Max’s 409 Club George Street City
1990’s Metropolis Queen St Myer Centre City
1990’s Midian Nekromekanical National Hotel, Queen Street City
1990’s Morticia’s Hacienda Hotel Valley
1990’s OMO Jubilee Hotel, St Pauls Terrace Valley
1990’s Options 18 Little Edward Street Spring Hill
1990’s Phase 4 Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Press Club Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Rhodes Beaudesert Road Moorooka
1990’s Rics Brunswick Street Mall Valley
1990’s Rics 321 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Scrabble Valley
1990’s Spring Hill Tavern 447 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Stratus Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1990’s Sunnyside Up Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Super Deluxe Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s The Alarm 81 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Dome Sybil’s address Adelaide Street City
1990’s The Gig 22 Market Street City
1990’s The Site 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Tube Wickham Street Valley
1990’s The Zoo (special club nights) 711 Ann Street Valley
1990’s Van Goughs Ear Lobe Stanley Street Woolloongabba
1990’s Vaseline Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Viva Given Terrace Paddington
1990’s Volcanic Bass Adelaide Street (rear entrance Alice’s Rock Cafe) City

291 Responses to Club List

  1. Carmel G says:


    Such a wonderful set of memories firing off reading all the clubs of old. As a late 80s and 90s alternative scene goer there were brilliant crazy fun and beautiful nights out with the best people in so many great clubs. The Move,Mass, preclub drinks at The Coachmans Bar in the Majestic, Funkyard, Lulu’s at the Orient, live music at the Atcherly Outpost UQ student union and QUT and nights at the Shamrock and club nights at St Paul’s Tavern and the Jubilee and the Pineapple Hotel.
    The funky Buzz Bar at the Majestic late 80’s hasn’t been mentioned. Think the same guys that did the Move.
    Also remember The last Temptation of Christ Melbourne Hotel 1988.
    Thanks for the trip

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Carmel, the Buzz Bar is on the list in the 80’s section

      • Bill says:

        I was a bouncer at the Melbourne Hotel in 88-89, employed through United Security. It was in a singles bar upstairs with meal and buffet. My job was to chat to the ladies and dance.

  2. Joe says:

    My uncle Domenico owned Romeo’s (situated at 693 Ann St, Fortitude Valley) from 1973 until 1982 when he changed it to a country western themed club (which at 8 years of age one night i sang The Gambler…)the Palomino Club.

    Around 1986 he changed it again to The Outpost…. but in 1988 he made the best decision ever and with Brisbane hosting World Expo 88, my uncle saw the opportunity of international travellers flocking to Brisbane and then changed it to The Red Garter.

    Sadly in December 1993 he passed away and my auntie ended up selling the business to the people who owned Diamonds and Pearls (in Paddington).

    My uncle also was part owner along with a friend in Hollywoods (across the road from the Myer Centre in town).

    • Dale says:

      Joe, did you go to MtGravatt Tafe in 1995?

    • Guy says:

      Do you have any photoes of the red garter outside ?
      Can you email them if you have any.

      • Matt Hennessey says:

        There was a story on a stripper there at the red garter “brisbanes oldest stripper” or brisbanes longest serving stripper” . it was in either a picture or people magazine in 1989 or 1990 era. That had pictures of her and the red garter.

        • Rick Morris says:

          Her name was Maida (her real name, not sure if that was also her stage name). She did shows at all the clubs including World by Night & was still stripping at 36 that I know of. When she was about 30 we would occasionly catch up, she was a No.1 stripper & good company.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Joe. My 3 peice band played there at Romeos in the early 80’s. My first gig, actually. We played from 10 till 2pm, 5 nights a week for the grand sum of $150 each for the whole 5 nights! Less drinks, which were $5 each so it wasn’t long before we were playing for nothing lol! They were hard times. We backed a country singer for his 35 minute set and for the rest of the night we’d play soft pop crap and various rock n roll numbers. I learned a lot about the Brissy music scene, playing to drunk indigenous patrons…fun times indeed 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Also sorry to hear Dominic has passed on. I also remember Willie, the bouncer. Cool guy. Kept us safe. And Denise, the lovely American barmaid (who I dated for a while)… Those were the days…:)

  3. Michael says:

    Which Night Club did Joe Borsellino own? Top end Brunswick St.

  4. Yusuf Mohammad (nee Joseph Rooke) says:

    I look back on my several years as a waiter and while I worked in one of the world’s best restaurants in Paris in 1970, my time at Leo’s, Edward Street, in 1968 was special. I have many vivid memories of my time there, our boss, Luigi, head waiter Umberto, Danni the French chef and the mainly German speaking waiters. How well they treated me and helped me on my way in a virtually new career. It was ‘silver service’ and most dishes were cooked at the table. I had the dreadful misfortune of spilling the vegetables for a large party of racegoers one Saturday, twice, on my way out through a packed dining floor! It was a surprise to us all at evening’s end that I was not dismissed. “No, Joseph will not be sacked.” said Luigi, “He is the only one of you who comes to work sober!” Amazing that we met at a nearby pub before our 11 a.m. start and my colleagues were far from sober when they served their first lunch customers.

  5. Jeff Porter says:

    I did not see General Jackson`s Mentioned in your List. This preceded Spillane`s Nite Club (Crest International Hotel)

  6. Susan says:

    I remember Domenico and Mario well, having worked at Romeo’s in the summer of 1975 during uni holidays – they were great fun and pair of real gentlemen, so sorry to hear that Dom is no longer with us

    • Guy says:

      Mario was my dad. Do any of you have any photoes of the red garter?

      • Pauline says:

        Hi Guy
        Photos are proving challenge. What we have found is that people took photos before going out and then left their cameras at home as you didn’t want to lose them. Hopefully someone might have a pic

        • Matt Hennessey says:

          There was a story on a stripper there at the red garter “brisbanes oldest stripper” or brisbanes longest serving stripper” . it was in either a picture or people magazine in 1989 or 1990 era. That had pictures of her and the red garter.

  7. JJ says:

    What about the Garden Room at the old City Plaza (cnr George and Ann Streets, Brisbane City) in the late 70’s.
    Also, the Grape Escape (really a wine bar) in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane which was owned by Keith Lloyd (Top of the State, 42nd Street, etc) in the late 70’s as well.

  8. Dot Gauntlett says:

    I just came across your site!!!!!!! Brings back memories that I had forgotten.
    I used to work at a club in Elizabeth st back in the 60’s making toasted sandwiches & milkshakes. I can’t remember the name! I can remember Russell Morris & Somebodys Image had not long been going. Their dressing room was just a curtain pulled across a small room.
    I have been to many of the clubs listed. I have a glass from Whisky A Go Go before it went down.

  9. Warren May says:

    Former DJ from the Roxy Nite Club 210 Brunswich Street The Valley which launched in 1986 2 millions dollars was spent converting the Royal art Building into Brisbane First 2 storey Live Band Venue in the valley covering 46 touring bands from around the county feathering local and international performing artists, also the only venue to have a computer controlled 3 color display laser light show operating every night.
    yes and 1998 the doors closed and john from the beat nite club took over the venue and was named the Electric Circus Nite Club till it closed a few years later.

    Where are they now…I now work in the traffic management industry. 2013.

    • Matt Hennessey says:

      that roxy and royal art building you speak of was a Norman Ross furniture shop in the 1970’s. The “Norman” part of it is now whats Harvey Norman furniture is today. Basically that old roxy building was one of his frst or earliest stores.


      • billy says:

        Haha my father was the store manager of that Norman Ross until it closed in 1986. It was more like David jones or Myers than Hervey Norman stores of today. His managers office became the bands/act green room backstage when it became a nite club. That spiral staircase has been there since the 60’s btw. Factoid- Gerry Hervey wanted to demolish it in 1978. It’s still there.

  10. UNCLE JIMMY says:

    WOW. I am 36 years old and grew up in Brisbane and still live here.I spent most of 1995 till about 2001 ish going to a lot of the previous mentioned clubs. City Rowers, Mary street (Scary street) Stock Exchange (Club 131) The Victory and my favourite, HOGIES!.
    I had so much fun and made so many friends at those clubs in those days, It always felt like home….. I remember Grand Orbit as well, I dont think it was opened very long. I think it was one of those bar by day and niteclub by night deals.
    Free drinks and entry(shit if you offered free drinks in 2013 you would jailed forever due to binge drinking) bad clothes and even worse dancing. Not to mention the bad pick up lines…..
    Does any one remember John the guy who sold roses in all the niteclubs in the mid to late 90’s ? he was everyones friend!!!
    I have no photos but have a hat from Hogies and a shaker from club 131. I will send you a pic if you want. The last song at Hogies was Ill be missing you by Puff Daddy.
    I missed that closing night due to having gulandular fever. sad face.
    The city is shit now…. too many fights and stuff going on. And I am way too old for that stuff anyway.
    Thanks for the memorys anyway!!!

    • Michael says:

      Grand orbit was open for around 18 months, it eventually closed due to one of the bouncers being shot by some fella’s from Melbourne, patronage fell so much that they could no longer keep it going.
      It was a restaurant/Bar in the day and a restaurant/bar/nightclub by night, we used to have TV nights on Wednesday and Thursday and dance club/bands on Friday/Saturday………I was the in house audio/visual tech for the whole time.
      Fantastic club way ahead of its time!!

  11. Jenny Neville says:

    Adam & Eves was the first name of the club in Fortitude Valley (opposite Royal Art Furnishing) back then. Used to be open on a Sunday afternoon as well as Saturday night so this was 1968/69. It’s name was then changed to the Electric Circus. Also in Elizabeth Street late 60’s was The Sound Machine (girls dancing in cages wearing body stockings). Phones on tables so we could ring each other? Out at the Bald Hills pub if I can remember was a room called the Wicked Witch. Saw the Platters there. The Lands Office was also popular back then.

    • Nita Smpson says:

      Sounds like you also belonged to the “Snoopy’s Hollow” era at the YMCA as did I.

    • Dennis says:

      The Sound Lounge was T Cs Sound Lounge then turned into Uncles which had the phones on each table. I met my future wife by phoning her on another table Fab memories

  12. barry b says:

    what about Sensoria, behind Mac’s 409 club?

    Chris J and Geoff M, who ran both, were dodgy as – just sloppy, with gall and ignorance. There used to be a staircase from the back of Macs (Georget St) up to Sensoria (old wool stores where Mothers lightworks used to be).

    Anyway, there were not enough toilets so Chris bolted a uranial onto a wall between the two venues. The urnal didn’t have any plumbing so it emptied into a ditch/groove that ran along the top step of the staircase between the two venues. A regular habit to get pissed at Macs then climb the stairs only to SPLASH! step into the urnial outlet on the top step.

    Severed Heads and Scattered Order from Sydney were playing one night, near the end of the time of the venue. I was the house sound engineer and knew Mitch Jones (front man for Scattered Order and sound engineer for the Divynals) from Sydney. The cops were just about to raid the place (lots of reasons – dodgy liquor licence, didn’t pay bribes to the cops, the cops paid by the competition to close the place down).

    anyway, to the left of the drumkit was a little door that went out to the footpath, just in front of the fountain at the apex of George and Roma St’s. The stage was where the escalators from the Transit Center is now. Bands used to escape from this little door and walk around to Roma St where Old Mothers Lightworks had a flea-ridden “pad” that bands sometimes crashed in.

    Mitch finishes the last song, says goodnight and opens the stage door to exit and head around to Roma St. He was confronted by a wall of cops.

    “I think we’ll come back for an encore” he announces to the audience….

    • chris johns says:

      Great old school club
      Such a fire hazard
      Remember seeing mystery of sixes there
      Brisbane used to be great ,when you could see new order at easts league club ,that was living

  13. Gregg says:

    So many memories from the late 90’s on, City Rowers, Scary Street, the Vic, Fridays, the Trans, all great hangouts. Rowers was our Haunt. always Thursday – Saturday. Sunday, who could forget jug and hooter arvo at the Vic. God the memories. The Hangovers.

  14. allen travers says:

    Anyone remember the name of the nightclub just up from transformers in charlotte street. And all I remember of transformers much is that they sold food inside and also the hot dog venders outside. Also got asked to leave transformers one night as I fell asleep. Also the dance floor there was small or was it just that I was about young then.

    • Michele says:

      Mary street was one street over if that helps? I don’t remember a club near transformers, only the 2 pubs on the corner just up from there

  15. Mark says:

    Hi I also the remember the Tube Club up from the old Treasury building in the early to Mid 80’s, can’t see that in the list.


    • Pauline says:

      Hi Mark, it’s listed in the 90’s section. Bit tricky when you do it in decades. Thanks

      • Bruce says:

        The Bouncers used to make you take your Doc’s off before you went in to the Tube Club.. Amazing how many people where walking around in black socks… Black pointy boots where ok!

  16. doug says:

    metropolis in the myer centre (early 90s, could have been there earlier).

  17. Joanne Spunner says:


    I know the list is of clubs but I am trying to remember the name of a cafe that was downstairs & then you kind of turned right & went under the mall slightly.I think it starts with “S” in the wintergarden (close to side Hoyts side) .

    • Bruce says:

      It was I think a female name, maybe Serinas or something like that, we just called it the Wintergarden where they played too much Bon Jovi and Pop.. It was also known as an AJ (Army Jerk) Bar/Club because it was frequented by many of the Lads from Enoggera, and before some of you call me Prejudice or insulting to those in our armed forces etc etc. for using that term. Firstly harden up! Plus I was a serving soldier for 5 years and that’s what we were called, by all of you lot (civilians)during that time don’t forget that little detail.. It was you civilians (many mind you) who were the ones who labelled the Bar such i.e. that’s an AJ Bar under the Wintergarden, don’t go there!
      Remember that people… True Story
      We used to lie about our occupation… sad indictment of the times sadly but on the other hand being a designer and maker of prosthetic limbs for those unfortunates for the night created rather intriguing conversation and interest from many…
      PS still in Brissy and have my Doc’s on in my office looking over Brissy..

  18. Katie says:

    I’m looking for THE CAPITOL, Woolongabba? We organised the opening party “FEELIN’ FREAKY Discoteque” for the venue owner in about 1996/97? Feelin’ Freaky had been a regular gig at Babylon 🙂

  19. Ken Maxwell says:

    They left out the best of the late 70s. Apples disco at the national hotel ann st 1978 to 1981. Contact me if you want more info. I was the DJ

  20. Darren J Hughes says:

    Wow this brings back some memories. Used to gho to Tracks and Sybils, Yesterdays and then was a evry Friday and Saturday night child at Lulu’s at the Orient.

    There was also that great Jazz Club down Roma Street called Jabbos Jazz Club that was pretty cool too, played some amazing music…………
    ah remember the colours of the 80’s skinny ties…mulletts and big permed hair…

    and of course who could forget that amazing spinning dance floor at the Top of the State,, the elvator at Wall Street …………Ceasers Palace at Underwood , the Bank at Sunny bank , Rumours, the Rock Arenma at Mansfield, Rosies, and Whispers……

    • Dave says:

      Were you at Jabbo’s for the Jazz or the Blues nights ? Amazingly I remember what the back looked like more than the stage area … funny that.

      I used to hang out a little with some of the folks in one of the regular bands there.

  21. Donna says:

    Trying to find out name of club under Sheraton 90s/00s complete pick up place

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Donna
      I think you are talking about Someplace Else

      • frank says:

        before it wss someplace else in the 80s it was Reflections and the closing track every night was Diana Ross’ ‘reflections’ – there were light bars hanging down the windows instead of curtains. entrance was at the top of the escalators to central station and the bouncer was called Paul – italian bloke who thought he was sylvester stallone.

    • Joe says:

      Hi Donna, Pauline is correct, it was called Someplace Else and later Chez Bar. I was the dj from 1996 – 2008. It was a pick-up place, as were most clubs around the city, but we had a high percentage of couples. Hope you had some good times while you were there. 🙂

      • James Attell says:

        The late 1990’s the resident band was ‘Kahootz’.
        Do you remember the name of the previous long-term house band — was it ‘The Max Band’?

  22. Russ Grayson says:

    Thorough list you have made here. Congratulations… a contribution to Brisbane’s social history.

    I lived in Brisbane until going to Sydney in the late 1960s, attending Brisbane State High and living variously in Tarragindi and Mt Gravatt.

    You mention of Cave Club in Elizabeth Street. The Cave Club I recall was across the road from the old Treasury Building and it was done up inside as a cave with stalagmites and dim lighting. It was there, I think, in the 1965/66 period. You mention, too, the Primitive in Piccadilly Arcade, however that was the 1960s, not the 1950s. I used to go there Saturday afternoons to hear the Purple Hearts do their cover of The Animals ‘Animal Tracks’ album and other R&B. The Primitif, situated in the lower arcade next an musical instrument shop, was contemporaneous with The Red Orb Club down towards the Valley.

    In 1964/65, it would have been, there was also a basement coffee shop type of place, whose name I no longer recall, on the Queen and Albert corner that I describe in a social history I am writing and from which I quote: “That brought a strange sight when, late in the morning, a small knot of people would start to gather on the corner of Queen and Albert streets in the city. One glance would disclose that they were not the usual suburbanite in town for a morning’s shopping — the guys wore their hair a little longer than the generally-approved length and they brushed it straight down and over their forehead to form a wispy fringe. The females were a little unorthodox too — many wore their hair cropped a little below the ears so that it hung either side of the face and, like the guys, they wore it in a fringe. Even stranger, many of them toted large, cane baskets instead of demure handbags. Male and female wore blue denim jeans, a style until then associated with the American working class but that had become available from a new shop in Adelaide Street, between Queen and George, that catered to the new clothing styles favoured by a youth with enough spare change in its pockets to sustain such a businesses.

    “The gathering thickened as eleven approached, so much so that a couple police would move along the street cajoling the assembled to “move aside, move aside please”, so that pedestrians could pass.

    “This weekly gathering signalled the arrival of something new to mid-1960s Brisbane. Cappuccino culture — urban cafe culture — had arrived and it was the youth that it attracted.

    “The sweet dark liquid was served in the basement coffee shop just off the corner. I long ago forgot the name of the place but in my mind I can still picture its dim interior with tables scattered throughout, and I can still see our little group sitting around a table, though who apart from my friend, Michael Murphy was there, I no longer remember.

    “The basement was a gathering place for the youth of the new rhythm and blues (R&B) culture,… “.

    So thanks for your work.

    • Jim says:

      As a former Cave, Primitive, St George Club and especially Red Orb regular and one of those strange young people who hung out on the corner of Queen and Albert on weekends in the 60’s , I look forward to your social history. Still rockin at 67 but sadly no longer enough hair to brush ‘straight down and over (my) forehead to form a wispy fringe ‘. I think I’ve still got some Purple Heart’s 45’s! No longer living in Qld. See my separate post 2 August.

  23. Dee-ella Roser says:

    Wow the memories come flooding back. I befriended a group of striptease performers when World By Night club in Queen Street opened around 1976. It had previously operated as Peter Pipers Pancake Parlour and before that it was Willys Bazaar. Apparently the site was once a morgue. We danced at the Apples Disco in the National Hotel.
    Sweeneys Restaurant in the valley featured a band called Puddleduck. The venue changed hands and became The Silver Dollar. Great times the 70’s!

    • Stephen Bellino says:

      Wow! Were the stripteas performers Transexuals? I bet they were, well most of them anyway. I worked at Willy’s Bazaar when I was 16, in the kitchen of course!

  24. Stephen Bellino says:

    Hi, my name is Stephen Bellino, son of Tony Bellino, I am now unbelievably 52 y/o and I still remember the club scene through the years quite well. My family owned several of the night clubs that you listed, not to mention that I helped build a few of them with my family. There are a few clubs you did not mention like – KISSES (post Pinocchio’s), PETER PIPERS PANCAKE PARLOR (prior to Willy’s Bazzar), ZITZ (post Kisses), THE UNDERGROUND, MAMIE’S, etc. Pinocchio’s was actually at 646 Anne Street F/Valley not St Paul’s Terrace. Gone are the days of real good entertainment that is trendsetting and audacious that we used to present! Today people are just copy cats or just plain scardy cats to present something that is innovative and daring. Today’s club owners are not in it to entertain the people and present something unique, they simply copy a formula that is cold and rehashed over and over again. Feel free to reply to me to ask any questions, cheers.

    • Kim Madsen says:

      Hi Stephen, I am the Grand daughter of Tom and Mamie Morrison… Mamie’s.

      • Stephen Bellino says:

        Hi Kim, wow what memories they must have told you! Mamie’s was such a great club, so cool, and the entertainment was awesome. Thanks for dropping me a line Kim, I would like to hear more about what they are doing, they must have made a fortune from the Waterloo and Mamie’s! Times have changed thats for sure! So are you in the industry?

    • Tony says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Sorry for the post hijack, but was your sister’s name Julie? I remember meeting a Julie Bellino quite a few times at Tracks where I worked when Colin Tucker(? is that correct?) was manager.

      Thanks, Tony

      • Stephen Bellino says:

        Hi Tony, not sure who the manager was but yes, my sister’s name is Julie!

        • Tony says:

          Hi Stephen,

          So it was your sister! She was certainly memorable… 🙂

          Didn’t she marry someone who used to work there for a while?

          • Stephen Bellino says:

            Hi Tony, apologies for not replying sooner. Yes you are correct, my sister married Patrick.

          • Tony says:

            Hi Stephen,

            So his name was Patrick! I only remembered his pseudonym (Pat McGroin) – remember his accent though.

            Thanks again for the replies, and please say hello to them for me.


    • Barry Summers says:

      Hi Stephen, my name is Barry Summers and I am the son of Dave Summers (Don Ric) who was the Qld State Secretary of Actors Equity back then and he and your dad had many a run in regarding acts and wages for the entertainers in all of his venues. I am now 56 y/o and used to be a roadie for my dad back when he was performing and I also used to go around to the clubs with him so we might have crossed paths back then.

      • Stephen Bellino says:

        Hi Barry, wow how amazing, how life changes hey. Thanks for the feedback, hope all is going well with you and your family.

    • frank says:

      Hi Stephen,

      i was in jail in the early 90s with Geraldo bellino. Funny bloke – he used to wear his shirts inside out to protest his getting locked up when so many others didn’t. We worked int he kitchen in cunnamulla and charleville – he could cook up a storm 🙂

    • Michele says:

      I remember Tony well…what a man! He was awesome!

    • Rick Morris says:

      Stephen the Pinocchio’s at St Pauls Tce was a spaghetti house not a night club, but was owned by your dad operating during the 60’s & maybe early 70’s. I was a frequent patron at the Ann St clubs (Pinocchio’s & Kisses) during the late 70’s & 80’s.

      • Stephen Bellino says:

        Yea it began as a spaghetti bar but in those days that is what was considered as a night club! It had live bands and cabarets I was the dj at Kisses and eventually became the manager and changing it to Zitz the first punk venue in Australia ????

  25. Kim Madsen says:

    My Grandparents ‘Tom and Mamie Morrison’ took over the Waterloo in 1976, it was a struggling old pub with 12 staff. In 6 years they turned it around, opened the Barn and when they sold it the Waterloo employed over 100 staff. In 1976 they opened Mamie’s nightclub on Brunswick St.

  26. Gordon says:

    The Sound Machine in Elizabeth street used to get some class live acts. Lobby Loyd and the Coloured Balls, Zoot, The Executives. The stage was very low (about 40cm) and you could get right up to the performers. I remember standing about 2 metres from Daryl Braithwaite all night when Zoot performed. I couldn’t believe how good they were live! Immaculate guitar work and vocals.

    Orientation Week at Qld Uni was never to be missed. Mackenzie Theory usually performed. Way ahead of their time.

    Snoopy’s Hollow was a favourite club of my older brother (can’t remember where it was).

    Also a gay club – ‘1863’ or something (remember it had a year for the name)? Down near Petrie Bight. A couple of friends and I used to go there and dance with each other just to try to blend in while we dug the music. They had the best bands and the most fun of any place in Brisbane.

  27. Gordon says:

    Meant Daryl Cotton – not Braithwaite (must be getting old).

  28. Stephen Bellino says:

    I actually started “The Tube” nightclub with Peter Brown and Michael Watt (from “The Site”)as the promiotions managers.

    • Michael says:

      And you may have also been the DJ at the Roxy for a bit 😉

      • Stephen Bellino says:

        Yes I was the DJ for awhile, actually was told by many of the tops bands at that time that I was the best rock DJ they ever seen/heard (I used to sing, the guys hated it, the girls loved it!).

        • Pam Murnane says:

          Hi Stephen
          Those were the good old days your dad was a great bloke do you remember Robert and Candy he used to DJ for your dad back in the days i cant remember what club was called now back when the Roxy held the first Hell Fire Night

          • Stephen says:

            Yes they were fun times for sure, everything was so simple then. I used to party a lot so some things I just forgot and I cannot remember Robert or Candy sorry. maybe if I saw there faces. My dad was great with people, everyone liked him, he is still alive and kicking although just barely as he is bored out of his brain, he just loved being busy and creating new things but all the drama has drained the life out of him really. Thanks for touching base, all the best, regards, Stephen.

  29. Patricia says:

    no mention of the Calamvale Hotel back in the 80’s there were some big bands

  30. Shaun says:

    This site really brings back some memories. I live in China now and I’ve just stumbled across this. I used to go to Yesterday’s at the old National Hotel in late 85 till mid-86. Was a bit of a suburbanite for a while after that, used to go to Stratus on the northside and also to “Sensations” at the Newnham Hotel at UMG/Wishart. That was pretty upmarket for a suburban place at the time ( 650,000 spent on it aparently, it was not that big either ) awesome lighting rig and sound system and really comfy sofas . Opened in October 1986, closed about February 1988, was losing it’s lustre by then.. Went to Easy Street in Ipswich sometimes also, a bit of a bogan dump, but I used to get around.

    Went to Sybil’s a lot at the time also, remember a doorman there called Frank who was was a bit of an asshole. Then in 1989 I started going to Hot Gossip and Transformers ( that was great )then to City Rowers and Underground till about 1992 then stopped clubbing for several years. I remember CR’s had “buckets” of mixed spirits for about 5 dollars at one stage, some people got totally hammered! Would be illegal now!

    Remember that Metropolis joint in the Myer Centre that one bloke spoke of on here, a pretty redhead called Veronica I went to TAFE with used to work there. That was just before Expo 88, and it was really ahead of it’s time IMO.

    Now I find Brisbane nightlife scene to be bland and boring ( and dangerous ) in comparison to then ( I’m back home twice a year for two months at a time ), although the cafe/dining scene is 10 times better than the 80’s, 90’s, and Brisbane also has an awesome skyline now, and infrastructure is tenfold improved. Brisbane Airport area is quite incredible these days also.

  31. Syd says:

    What about the Toucan Club over at Milton. Late 80’s early 90’s. It was in Park Rd.

    • frank says:

      toucan club was later called The Dome from emmory – on account of the shape of the place. I was in park rd having dinner at a restaurant that is int he place that aromas’ coffee used to be in and walked past it – its still vacant…

    • Stephen Bellino says:

      I remember that well.

  32. Jim says:

    For me it was the Red Orb in the Valley in the late 60’s . Introduced me to the blues when Brisbane was awash with disco and surf music . Saw a lot of big name stars who came in late after shows at the Festival Hall. The resident group Thursday’s Children were, as kids would say now, an ‘awesome’ blues -rock band. In 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson’s motorcade drove in from Brisbane Airport past the club at night we all raced out and boo ed. It was the Vietnam war era after all. Happy memories of too many hours there when I should have been in the Uni library. The St George Club also had good UK style blues bands but from memory it was only a temporary venue in a church hall up in Turbot Street?? (Haven’t lived in Bne for 40 yrs!)

    • Ruby says:

      Hi, did you know of a Barmaid named Kaye back in 1970 in Brisbane? She was with a guy named James Stevens (Salesman???). She worked at “The Adelaide” (not sure of real name) around this time in February/March 1970.

  33. Freddie says:

    Strange to think back to those days. Brisbane was a big country town, that pretty well universally hated ‘punks’. The Police had a flying squad called ‘task force’ specifically drafted to shut down punks and other undesireables. It certainly had me politicized by the age of twelve, not sure if that was a good thing now. Anyhow as a punk we used to frequent a pub called the ‘Belfast’ down near Eagle Street, so long ago. Last time I visited Brisbane there was practically nothing remaining of the city. Perhaps the worst was King George Square where once you could cool your feet in fountains in the shadow of bronze statues there was a granite field of trip hazard pavers, not sorry I left, who can afford to live there now anyhow?

  34. Damo says:

    Anyone recall Arizona’s? Was sure it was near the Wintergarden downstairs, sort of where O’Malleys is now, but I really don’t remember much of that night, so that may be incorrect (early 90s). First night out drinking, had no idea what I was doing, mixed everything. I seem to remember Jim Beam Black had just come out too. Was struggling the next day. 😉

  35. Darren J Hughes says:

    Hard to beat the old Sybils, Images, Wall Street, Yesterdays and Lulus. Whatever happened to them all, the concepts were good. Lulus had a big following for 60s themed music, yesterdays for the 70s, Sybils for the 80s.
    Whatever happened to Gerry Harrington ?
    Must say hard to replicate those crowds, they were fun times.
    Remember Tracks in , was it Adelaide Street ? opposite the criterion?

  36. Jo says:

    A couple missing that I can think of – City Plaza Disco from the late 70s, into 1980 and maybe beyond. Don’t remember the exact street – maybe around Adelaide, down the George Street end??? I remember we used to dance and drink all night, then go to the Cabana in George Street afterwards for a greasy something to soak up all that cheap white wine! Another one that comes to mind was Carringtons – possibly in Elizabeth Street???? You walked downstairs into it, there was a lot of red and booths and the place had a strange energy to it. What about the Criterion Bar? Great to see Whispers mentioned – another favourite haunt of mine.

    • Peter Evans says:

      The club your referring to was called Harrington in Wickham st the valley you’d wald down a flight of stairs and paid your entry fee at the bottom and all the seating was done in red velvet alscoves it wasn’t terrible big but had a great vibe

  37. Jo says:

    Does anyone remember Rock and Roll George who used to trawl up and down Queen Street doing 30 kmph in his beige/butter yellow FJ Holden adorned with flags. My best friend said that her mother even remembered him from when she first worked in the City as a teenager in the early 60s.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, I wonder whatever happened to that FJ . Did you ever see him actually stop the car other than for the lights ?

      • Noela says:

        Hi Dave, There’s a total tribute (inc car!) to George at the front of the Museum/Science centre. I used to play softball Saturday arvos at Downey Pk and had to catch the bus to the city DEAD quiet then, to connect and George would be always patrolling. At first I was scared and then someone told me he worked for the cops (hence why he drove a unregistered? car) and would just keep an eye on things for them. Bless. Even when he was no longer on the road and would stand in his stovies outside Hungry Jacks he’d still always say hello. What a true Icon. RIP.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Jo
      See my 16 October post

  38. Chris says:

    The Orb became Quentins when it changed hands.

    Hayden Sargeant (later on 4BC) had a place called the Open Door in Roma St to fund his drug referral centre in the late sixties. This was the first home of Phil Hutson’s
    Mothers Lightworks. I DJed here and at Quentins.

    Brisbane had a very strong R&B scene from at this time with bands like BCC, Coloured Balls, Light, Brown Sugar et at.

  39. Luke says:

    Birdland opened October 26th 1962 and closed December 20th 1963

  40. Lynne Keen says:

    Remember the Journalists Club (Journos Club) at Twelfth Night Theatre at Bowen Hills. It would close at 12am to the song…Show Me The Way To Go Home”

  41. Dave says:

    You didn’t mention Berties.

  42. Dave says:

    Oh my lord… I just had a flood of memories come back about Jabbo’s .

    Revolution Blues, burbon & coke and matt black everything.

    Madness and lunacy and such good times 🙂

  43. Jim says:

    I mentioned the great Red Orb in a post in August. Have recently discovered you can hear some of the music and stories from patrons here:

  44. Jim says:

    On 27 September Jo asked about Rock and Roll George

    Here’s the you tube story on the famous man

    • Tony says:

      I lived at Hill End for a few years in the early-mid 80’s, and used to see George around the area a fair bit, especially on the bus after they closed Queen Street for the Mall.

      I remember one evening talking to him on the bus from the City, and mentioned to him how I was racing home from work to shower and then meet a girl in the City, and how late I was running..

      I got back to the bus stop, and there was George sitting in his car waiting to give me a lift…

  45. Vera Dobrich says:

    Fabulous compilation. I used to regularly also go to Lord George’s at the George Hotel (George Street). This was early 1980’s. Didn’t see it mentioned, Thanks again.

  46. Tony says:

    Check this out – a film from the National Archives of “Life in Brisbane” in the mid 60’s.

    Around the 13:30 minute mark they show some of the neon signs around Brisbane, including TC’s..

    Well worth a look.

  47. Michael says:

    Morticias moved to the speakeasy in the 90’s, Powder finger were regulars there.

  48. bill says:

    I saw Chisel for the very first time at Pipps at the dead-end of the 70s.. mebbe 1980 even, in front of a full house – must been 200 people to make a full house in Pipps. People dancing on the bar and that band went off— totally. A moment I’ll remember forever.

  49. Ruby says:

    Hi, does anyone know of a Barmaid named Kaye back in 1970? She was with a guy named James Stevens (Salesman). She worked at “The Adelaide” around this time in February/March 1970. Can anyone help me please?

  50. Noela says:

    A dose of the 100th monkey!! I’ve been working on a list of the nightclubs I’d been to and that friends had opened (circa 1975 – today) when a friend refered me to this sit!!. What a brilliant site for we ‘nostalgics’. Unlike the 60’s where if you can remember them you weren’t there; from the 70s -90s have been carved into our collective, if somewhat feeble now minds. I don’t really ever remember staying a one place a whole night many times walking from the city to the vall and back! Stay tuned!

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