Club List

This is a work is progress, and is certainly not complete.. We are currently working on an online database with much more information.

If you have any information about actual dates and addresses or clubs not listed here, please leave a comment below, or Contact us

1950’s 64 Club Church Street Fortitude Valley
1950’s Birdland Edward Street City
1950’s Blue Moon Ann Street City
1950’s El Morocco Macrossan Street Valley
1950’s Havanna Coffee Lounge & Nightclub Cnr Macrossan & Queen Street City
1950’s Le Boheme North Quay now Brisbane Square City
1950’s Leos 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1947-1953 Princes 240 Queen Street City
1950’s The Primitif Piccadilly Arcade Queen St City
1960’s Colmslie Cabaret Hotel Colmslie, Cnr Wynnum & Junction Rds Morningside
1960’s Dog Patch Strathpine Country Club Strathpine
1960’s FOCO Trades Hall City
1960’s International Restaurant & Ravioli Bar 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1960’s Moulin Rouge Night Club Elizabeth Street City
1960’s O’Conner Boathouse North Quay City
1960’s Pacesetters Bellevue Hotel City
1960’s Picala Roma 230 Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Polynesian Room 355 Main Street Kangaroo Point
1960’s Prinz Alfreds Adelaide Street City
1960’s Rainbow Room First Floor, Lennons Hotel City
1960’s Red Orb 78A Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Sadlers Sound Lounge Edward Street City
1960’s Sorrento 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s St George Club Petrie Terrace City
1960’s The Bowl Woolloongabba
1960’s The Hawaiian Eye 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Manor 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Mod World – Kedron Brisbane-Kedron RSL Hall, Tram Stop 30 Kedron
1960’s The Open Door 64 Turbot Street City
1960’s The Scene Ritz Ballroom City
1960’s Torino 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Adam and Eves Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
1970’s Afrika 165 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Blinkers Albert and Charlotte Street City
1970’s Charlie Browns Cnr Albert and Queen Street City
1970’s Chequers 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Club 21 Upper Edward Street City
1970’s Club Harringtons 198 Wickham Terrace Valley
1970’s De Brazil (DB’s) 204 Albert Street City
1970’s Diamond Drill George Street City
1970’s General Jacksons Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1975-1990’s GOYA Disco Greek Club South Brisbane
1970’s Jet Club 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Knights 81 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Mamies 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Old Roses Restaurant Bar Rowes Arcade City
1970’s Palominos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Pips 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Quentins 78A Wickham Street Valley
1970’s Rebeccas Cnr Edward and Queen Street City
1970’s Romeos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Sweeneys 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Swizzles Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Talk of the Town Adelaide Street Brisbane Plaza City
1970’s TC Sound Lounge Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Alley Cat Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Cave Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1970’s The Playboy Club 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Tommys 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Top of the State SGIO Building City
1970’s Uncles 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Whiskey Au Go Go Cnr Amelia Street & St Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley
1970’s Willis Bazaar 546 Queen Street Brisbane
1980’s 42nd Street New York Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Agathas
1980’s Amyls Nightspace National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Arcadia Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Backstage – Alliance Hotel St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Blue Room Colmslie Hotel, Wynnum Road Morningside
1980’s Brissies Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s Caesars Palace Underwood
1980’s Café Neon Given Terrace Paddington
1980’s Castanet Club New York Hotel City
1980’s Charlottes 165 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Spring Hill Hotel Spring Hill
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Hamilton Hotel Hamilton
1980’s Club Vortex D’Junk 409 George Street City
1980’s Court Jester Adelaide Street City
1980’s Cryptronics Treasury Hotel, George Street City
1980’s Electric Circus Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Gatsby’s The Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Gecko Club Gardens Point Campus Club, QIT, George St City
1980’s Hibiscus Room Lennons Hotel City
1980’s Hipnotic 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Brisbane
1980’s Hollywoods 81 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Hot Gossip Albert Street City
1980’s Images SGIO Building City
1980’s Jabbos George Street City
1980’s Labyrinth Red Hill
1980’s Love Inn Ann Street City
1980’s Lu-Lu’s Orient Hotel 560 Queen Street City
1980’s Mad Mac’s Disco Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Manhattans 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Mannequins Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Marilyns Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Mars Bar City
1980’s Moon Bar Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Morticas Hacienda Hotel Valley
1980’s New York Queen Street City
1980’s Nightworx Albert Street City
1980’s Op Shop George Street City
1980’s Outrageous Paddington Tavern Paddington
1980’s Pacesetters Albion Park Raceway Breakfast Creek
1980’s Patches 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Valley
1980’s Pinocchio’s 480 St Paul’s Terrace Valley
1980’s Rosies Edward Street City
1980’s Rumours Adelaide Street City
1980’s Sibyls Adelaide Street City
1980’s Silver Dollar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Spillanes Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1980’s Sunnys Runcorn Tavern Runcorn
1980’s Suzzanah’s Wharfies Club upstairs City
1980’s Sweethearts Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Sweethearts Alexandra Hills Hotel, Cnr McDonald & Finucane Rds Alexandra Hills
1980’s Tankstand Canberra Hotel (rooftop) Ann Street City
1980’s Terminus 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The 502 National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Bank Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Beat 677 Ann St Valley
1980’s The Buzz Bar Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Cockatoo Club 677 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Jetset Club Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Metro Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Move Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Outpost 693 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Roxy 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Zap Club Basement, Community Arts Centre, 109 Edward St City
1980’s Hacienda Hotel, Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Tokyo Joes Ranwell Lane, 210 Wickham St Valley
1980’s Tracks City Plaza Tavern, Cnr George & Adelaide St City
1980’s Transformers Charlotte Street City
1980’s Underground Hale Street/ Barracks Paddington
1980’s Wall Street 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1980’s Warhols 445 Upper Edward Street City
1980’s Wastelands St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Whispers 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s White Chairs (Elizabeth St bar) Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Wilsons Queen St Myer Centre City
1980’s Wintergarden Tavern Queen Street City
1980’s Yesterdays National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Yo Yos Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s 100% 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Abigails The Playground, Robinson Street/Tivoli Valley
1990’s Adrenalin Mary Street City
1990’s Alice’s Rock Café Adelaide Street City
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Bablyon 163 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s Bass Note George Street City
1990’s Big Kahuna Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Big Kahuna Carindale Tavern Carindale
1990’s Casablanca Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Caution Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s City Rowers Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Club 131 Stock Exchange Hotel, 131 Edward Street City
1990’s Club Voltaire
1990’s Crash n Burn 93 Edward Street City
1990’s Criterion George Street City
1990’s Flares Various venues Valley
1990’s Fridays Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Funkyard Elizabeth Street, Myer Centre City
1990’s Grand Orbit Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Hades Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Hogies Charlotte Street City
1990’s Indie Temple Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street/then Valley City
1990’s Jazz n Blues Bar Brisbane City Travelodge, Roma Street City
1990’s Kokoz Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Lexington Queen Albert Street City
1990’s Lush Bar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Mary Street 130 Mary Street City
1990’s Mass Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Max’s 409 Club George Street City
1990’s Metropolis Queen St Myer Centre City
1990’s Midian Nekromekanical National Hotel, Queen Street City
1990’s Morticia’s Hacienda Hotel Valley
1990’s OMO Jubilee Hotel, St Pauls Terrace Valley
1990’s Options 18 Little Edward Street Spring Hill
1990’s Phase 4 Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Press Club Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Rhodes Beaudesert Road Moorooka
1990’s Rics Brunswick Street Mall Valley
1990’s Rics 321 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Scrabble Valley
1990’s Spring Hill Tavern 447 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Stratus Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1990’s Sunnyside Up Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Super Deluxe Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s The Alarm 81 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Dome Sybil’s address Adelaide Street City
1990’s The Gig 22 Market Street City
1990’s The Site 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Tube Wickham Street Valley
1990’s The Zoo (special club nights) 711 Ann Street Valley
1990’s Van Goughs Ear Lobe Stanley Street Woolloongabba
1990’s Vaseline Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Viva Given Terrace Paddington
1990’s Volcanic Bass Adelaide Street (rear entrance Alice’s Rock Cafe) City

290 Responses to Club List

  1. Geoff says:

    The Cave was in Elizabeth St but was before 1970, I would think more like mid 60’s. Similarly with DB’s again I would think early 60’s. I can remember both when I was in my mid teen’s.

    • margaret clark says:

      I used to hang out at The Cave in Elizabeth St. I used to go there every day after work and that was in 1966 to 1967. Don’t remember a lot, but I do remember a jukebox, lots of coffee and lots of dancing. Oh yeah, and lots of fun.
      This was where if you were anyone you hung out!!!!!

    • Donna Malone says:

      I went to DB’S in 69 as a teen, had great fun there.

  2. Richard says:

    Quentins replaced the Red Orb at the same Valley address and ran from 1969 to 1970. This site also needs to have information on the various bands and where they played, Light! were the resident band at Quentins which was all about the music. I recorded a song they composed which I’m presently working on to improve the sound quality and balance, it was taped on a portable cassette recorder.

    • Pauline says:

      Thanks Richard for letting us know about Quentins. I’m very eager to hear that song by Light! as well. Let me know when you have it done. If you are having any problems you can talk to the State Library about it as well. Let me know how you go.

    • Geoff says:

      Can you remember the name of the resident band at the Orb, was that The Light?

      • Adrian (Red) Redmond says:

        The resident band at the Red Orb was Thursdays Children. I established the Orb and managed it from 1966 – 1969. Many great bands worked there. The last major band to play there was Billy Thorpe with Lobby Loyde, a great night.

  3. Kay says:

    You haven’t got any of the Goth clubs! When Mass became Bleach, most of the Goths moved to the Normanby, where a series of clubs were based – Labyrinth, Dominion, Midian Nekromekanical run by Will (RIP), Dark Entries…..
    There was also a short-lived club called Stigmata Martyr (in an alley somewhere in the city) and a few Industrial clubs that floated around.

    While it was near impossible to hail a cab when ‘gothed up’, they were the safest, friendliest places to go in Brisbane, where a girl could turn up unaccompanied, have a boogie and be sure of a lift home with someone….great times!

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Kay
      as we have stated on the list it is only the beginning. We are aware of the Goth clubs and will definitely be covering them as well. So stay tuned!

  4. JOHN GARVEY says:

    hi all
    this is a fantastic site to remind us of the great times we had in the 70/80s the bars and dance clubs the one i loved the most was OLD ROSES RESTRAURANT /BAR we danced the nights away donny and patty looked after us always the first music to get us going was richie family the best disco in town and nutbush city limits DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER

    • Pauline says:

      Hi John
      thanks for mentioning Old Roses. Now, was that in Rowes Arcade?

    • Wayne Wheeler says:

      The club name was actually spelt “Old Rowes” after the arcade where it was situated,, Rowes Arcade. It was in the basement of that arcade and was a tea house during the day until 6pm when it was then a night club. I still remember it like it was Yesterday. Wayne Wheeler

  5. James says:

    Remember Mass well. It also had live bands occassionally if I remember. It had a downstairs bar and you would walk up three or four stairs and there was the dancefloor. Babble on in Elizabeth street had live bands. Saw custard, melniks, biro there. There was a short lived club called Volcanic Bass in the lane between Queen St and Adelaide st. It was actually Alices Rock cafe transformed on one night of the week and was similar to Mass, Funkyard, etc. You would use the lane entrance not the Alices Rock Cafe entrance. Took me and my friends a while to realise we were actually in Alices Rock Cafe in disguise (or kind of in reverse). Anyone else remember? Other places of this era (early to mid nineties- Site (Valley), Zoo, Roxy, Crash and Burn, downstairs at the Embassy was pretty popular (can’t remember name), Treasury/Orient/Waterloo/Metropolis for bands.

    • Mel says:

      I remember Mass!!!! That was my second home in the 90s! Hanging round the pool table and launching onto the dance floor when our favourite grunge tunes were played!!!!! Great memories!

  6. Javier says:

    Great to see that Lu Lu’s Go Go club at the Orient Hotel is on the list. A loyal band of mods and generally sixties lovers were regular frequenters of Lu Lu’s in the 1980s. We celebrated New Year’s Eve there in 1986. I spent some great times there with my girlfriend (now my wife) . We recently celebrated our 40 th with our own Lu lu’s go go club including go go cage and sixties music. Hope you can get some pictures and history of Lu Lu’s into “Clubbed Out”.
    Also make brief mention of the Wintergarden, known as the “Kindergarden” because for many of us it was the first place to let us in and serve us a drink as teenagers in the 80s.

  7. Cass says:

    I loved Volcanic Bass (even if it was a shock to find out where you actually were, hahaha).
    What about 100%. It was downstairs Friday the place across the road from the Roxy/Arena. The one that became the massive adult store. They would quite oftne have Hellfire on there, and upstairs would be little-known indie bands playing. Quite the mix on the footpath.

  8. Brett says:

    Dose anyone care to remember stratos night club at the Homestead (boondall) or is this strictly city clubs?…in that case, i think from memory my first club expereance would have been sybils . we would all meet at the aspley hotel .up to about 10-15 of us for first drinks, because it was cheper ,then about 9-10 pm and half tanked, catch cabs to sybils, i think there was a $20 cover charge and crownies were 4 or 5 bucks that was expensive back then then it was on to find a cheper venue…

    • Pauline says:

      Hey Brett, we have had a few comments about Stratos and will be including it in Clubbed Out. Would love to track down some flyers or anything from it. We are keen to explore suburban clubs as I feel they are as important as CBD clubs. So if anyone has anything from the suburban nightclubs, let me know.

  9. Angelina says:

    Pauline I can’t believe you don’t have FLARES on that list.
    1982 till present – by the way.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Angelina
      As the list says it is a work in progress. We are currently concentrating on actual nightclubs and their physical addresses. We are aware of Flares and a lot of one off club events as well. These will be in a separate listing coming soon.

  10. Jane says:

    I’ve been told to pitch these 2 in: Love In (ann st valley) and Warhols (little edward st)?

    And what about the 502 (pre yesterdays)…:-)

  11. Matt says:

    whisky au go go in st pauls terrace valley. Was fire bombed
    what about the infamous cloudland before it was steam rolled by the Deen bro’s

  12. Matt says:

    Images was on top of the SGIO building (now suncorp) had a rotating floor so when you went for a dance your table ended up on the other side of the room. then there was world by night next to the orient hotel which also mysteriously went up in flames. and Russ Hinzes pet “the place that doesnt exist” the illegal casino up above Bubbles massage parlour. This was late 80’s But, of course they didnt exist! wink wink

  13. Al says:

    There was also ‘The Big Kahuna’ in the city during the mid 90’s. Pretty relaxed beach / surf style nightclub – dancefloor, pool tables, video screens, etc…. I still have my member keyring! They opened a second one in the suburbs somewhere south side but it didn’t do so well.

    • Andy Rankin aka Dj P says:

      I recall the Big Kahuna the second suburban club was located at Bottom End of Carindale shopping centre before it expanded. My friend was a resident DJ there whilst I was a resident at the Club House at Capalaba aka Capalaba Tavern. Gosh the memories So many clubs back then Stafford Tavern had Billboards niteclub, Rogues down Kuraby way, Rockafellas at the Hamilton (Hamo) Hotel. The Bungalow at the Kallangur Tavern all clubs of the 90’s Remember Lexington Queen in the city and you had Hollywoods and then a revamp and Hollywoods 2, The Tube in the valley. The best years of my life 🙂 If you want more details let me know happy to share what info I have I now realise I spent many of nights in the industry the best 10 years of my adult life.

      • Chelsey says:

        Ahhhh The Bungalow… what good times we had there!!!

      • matt says:

        I was also DJ at carindale. before big kahuna. It was called the banana lounge and the club was upstairs closer to the motel. That was around world expo 1988 era. I have the photos if any value to you. . .Matt

      • Peter Faulkner says:

        Wow this site is like a trip down memeory lane for me, I think I’ve been to nearly every club on here from since 1981, I worked as Dj at Rockafella’s at the Hammo for nearly 4 years among other clubs that I’d worked at, I could’nt beleive that The Bungalow got a mention as I ran that club for 4 years before deceiding to have a career change, Woolies bought all the Hotels and turned them into RSL’s so I new it was time to move on to something else, I spent a lot of my under age life in some of the other clubs on here and had some of the wildest nights and saw some very naughty thing happen by some very famous people, One club I did’nt notice here was one of Brisbane’s most notorius, WALL ST, everyone who worked in the industry would all head in on a Monday night and run amuck to let off steam from a hard working week

  14. Richard says:

    This list must include The Court jester in the 80’s over on the corner of George and Eliz strees. It was the underage capital of Brissie.

  15. Fred says:

    What about “Snoopy on the Roof”. It was first held at the YMCA in Edward Street. Ran from the mid 1960’s to 1970. Sometimes it was held on the top floor of the BCC car park in Wickham Terrace.

    • Lesley McBurney says:

      The usual disco was Snoopy Hollow in Edward Street. It was only Snoopy on the Roof at the car park. The resident band was Julian Jones and The Avengers. I thought Electric Circus replaced Adam and Eve’s in Fortitude Valley.

  16. Joe Black says:

    Wow, some of these venues take me back. I can remember trawling around Tacks, Sibyls, Cafe Neon, the Roxy as well as the Terminus (is that one listed?) and the Beat back in the day.

    We’d always end up at The Beat because it was open until 7.00am then it was off to the Pancake Manor on Charlotte for a short stack and Vienna coffee for breakfast then home to crash…. I miss the 80’s!

    Another one that isn’t yet on the list is a club called “Blinkers” which was on Albert street in the early 70’s. It was decorated in a horse racing theme with silks, crops and old historic racing paraphernalia. Even the toilets were for “Fillies” and “Colts”.

    I was only a kid then, my uncle owned the place and I can remember watching a very young Kerry Ann Kennerley (Wright back then) do a day time rehearsal for a caberet show she did there.

    I’d love to see this expand to include photos….keep up the good work!

  17. lester vickary says:

    hi. heard you girls on the radio last sat… a guitar player and have played at most of the clubs you listed………what about TONY,S NITE CLUB…in the valley it was picola roma before tonys………tonys takes up 3 basements picola roma only 1 basement the stage was in a hole in the wall under wickham st to the left as you walked down the stairs……….i played therein the 60,s latin music only….then in the 80,s 7 nights a week with strippers and floorshows.and all the crooks and time i then played at CLUB 21 upper edward st i also played at the DIAMOND DRILL GEORGE ST. there was THE JET CLUB in the valley……great time to be a muso

  18. Cheney says:

    I didn’t grow up in Brisbane but I come across historical info, such as club names in my work so I thought I would pass them on in case others may know something about them that hasn’t already been added. I read of a club in the Valley called “Love Inn” or “Love In”. I don’t know when it was established but it existed in 1986. Also, a club in Adelaide St, City called “Euphoria” which existed in 1999 but again don’t know when it was established. General Jackson’s Room (already mentioned) was said to be a disco and it was still around in 1979. The Outpost and Swizzles (already mentioned) where still operating in 1986. I hope this helps…

  19. Warwick says:

    I went a gay nightclub called the “Terminus” about 1985 in the valley (first gay club I went to). Was sort of opposite the valley station, you went down some stairs. Was a great place and fun drag shows. Some friends and I would catch the bus up from the Gold Coast to go there and caught the first bus back in the morning from Roma St. I remember dancing to the Pointer Sisters, “Neutron Dance”….O.o Not sure when it closed, a few years after that? I also remember “Mother” at the Hacienda with fake boobs made from balloons filled with birdseed or something, one broke and everyone was slipping on it around the bar…. I also remember old Freda… she was old even back then… I remember her losing one of her fake eyelashes in someones beer….lol

  20. Ronnie says:

    Alarm – Elizabeth St, late 80’s early 90’s was the best dance club in Vegas
    Changed to Vogue about 12 months later but never as good.

  21. Ronnie says:

    The TUBE nightclub on wickham Street across from the bottom of the Chinatown Mall. Awesome dance music spot for the best part of the 90’s

  22. peter says:

    Pacesetters started at the Bellevue in 1965. It was held in the Ballroom(connaught Room) ,palm lounge and westminster suite which all interconnected.Plus there was a very small bar at the back of the ballroom called The Nook Bar. This is where all the beautiful people gathered. The Pacesetters disco was held each Wednesday night from 6.30 till midnight. Entry was $1.50. The entertainment consisted of a DJ ,usually one of the jocks from 4IP,Billy J,Jason,etc, and a live rock band. One night there was Blood Sweat and Tears,so it was good entertainment. Keith Lloyd was the promoter and went on to do many entertainment venues after The Bellevue closed in 1970. The Bellevue had wonderful ambience and you could get away from the noise if you wanted to ,by going into the adjoining rooms. I think the biggest crowd recorded was about 650 patrons. It usually was around 500 people. Wednesday night was a quiet night fot the hotel so it worked well.The Bellevue was a very famous and much loved hotel and I am sure there are many who will remember Pacesetters and the many romances that it spawned. Those were the days.Nothing like it now. Peter Bonenti.

    • Donna Malone says:

      Yes, those were the days Peter and your right, nothing like it these days.The Bellevue days will always be my best memories, great atmosphere, great music and good fun.

  23. Kevin says:

    Tim and Michael were the DJ’s who ran The Buzz Bar was at the Majestic Hotel, it moved and became Mass at the Lands Office, then moved again to become Superdeluxe.

    Wasn’t there a Basement club towards the top of Elizabeth St called the Velvet Beetroot in th early 90’s?

  24. Sarah MacKenzie says:

    don’t forget Hades – Lands Office hotel? Cnr George and Mary (or was it Margaret) sts. the Ska Playground Robertson St Valley

  25. Corin says:

    I was just told, by a very reliable first-hand source, that TC Sound Lounge had telephones at each table that you could use to call other tables and speak to other patrons of the club. Sounds rad.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Corin, that was actually a club called Uncles which was where TC Sound Lounge was. I wish we could bring those phones back as well – it sounds great!

      • Glenda says:

        the 60’s, 70’s…..Uncles.phones on the tables..I can remember so well a night when the song Song for Guy was played…some on the flute…was it Purple Hearts?Some popular venues I remember. Quentins, Lennons, The national hotel, The Colmslie hotel, Irish club, homestead, lands office hotel, the boatshed, snoopy’s hollow …remember the band the Flamingoes.(I think I saw Masters apprentices perform on a city roof top), Hoadley’s battle of the bands at Festival Hall. Some may remember..The Treasury steps to meet and go off to parties.

        • Lesley McBurney says:

          Before it was burned down, the O’Connor Boathouse used to use the song ‘Come on Down to my Boat Baby’ in their radio advertising. And then there was ‘We’re all here for Hoadley’s Violet Crumble Bar, In the cities and the towns at the battle of the Sounds it’s Violet Crumble Bar’!

  26. Lynne says:

    Voltaire was in the 80’s. I know because I sometimes worked on the door and sometimes dated Rudolph.

  27. John says:

    A club I fondly remember was “The Tube Club” at the Lands Office Hotel in George St.
    It existed from about 1984 to mid 85. I think it ran on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Usually a disco, but on occasion a live band played. On two occassions, they organised a ferry trip (with dj) up the river and back on a Friday night, then returning back to the club.

    Also worth mentioning was “Macs 409 Club” on George St at the point end near the transit centre 1985-86.

    “The Love Inn” in the Valley (1986-87) had a courtyard at the back. Rumour was that “Hector (the protector) Hapeta” ran it. I think the venue was also “Pinnochio’s” back in 1979-80.

  28. RAJIV says:


    In 1950s, my father visited the Lotus Room, 203, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. While going to his old files, found a visiting card of the place. Its awesome. Any one from those times ??


  29. glenski says:

    The day Grand Orbit closed was the end of the golden age of brisbane clubbing.

  30. Fe says:

    The Tube Club, 1980’s , The old Lands Office hotel, Mary St? Brisbane
    Hades, 1980s, The old lands office hotel, Mary St? Brisane
    the Velvet Beetroot club, Elizabeth St Brisbane 1990’s?

  31. Cathy says:

    Thankyou for this wonderful website. I can offer some more information/clarifications as someone who had friends in many different scenes and went out regularly in Brisbane 1985 – 1990. Some have mentioned or asked about the Love Inn. This venue located at 648 Ann St (between the entrance to the Chinatown mall and Brunswick St) catered for live brisbane ‘indie’ bands and was in full swing around 1986 – 1988. I remember seeing the Brisbane band Post No Bills there in 1987 – a friend from school was dating the drummer. Sometime around 1988 it became a lesbian bar called Club Lewmors which ran four nights a week (Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun) but attracted a lot of negative publicity in late 1989 when it became known as the venue where the Brisbane ‘lesbian vampire’ murderers drank before killing a man in West End. The manager/owner closed the club immediately and it lay as a deserted dilapidated building for many years following the horrific crime. The Outpost at 693 Ann St was a similar venue operating around the same time which featured indie bands but had the distinction of being open 7 nights a week. I remember going there on a Monday night on a number of occasions in 1987/1988. I’ll swear it had no cover charge, at least on a Monday night.
    Circa 1987 Morticcias the Goth club was at a venue in upper Edward St, though I’m aware it had a number of homes. Prior to this it had been The Cats Tango and I think became a gentlemans club in more recent times.
    The practice of installing nightclubs in five star hotels was commonplace in the mid-80’s. I remember getting in (underage) to Reflections at the Sheraton Hotel in Ann St. in 1985. That probably would have been enroute to Images, the revolving nightclub at the top of the SGIO building. Images and Sibyls were often referred to as ‘sister clubs’ – perhaps they had the same ownership or just simply attracted similar crowds – young people who liked mainstream pop hits. I do know that for a time Sibyls had an over 25s bar downstairs but us young ones thought that scene with such ‘old’ people would be a bit scarey!
    The Roxy in Brunswick St (which became The Arena) was a very special place where I felt most at home. It was essentially a straight club in the gay centre of Brisbane (It is only in the last 10-15 years that the Valley has become popular with the young straight crowd). It operated from at least 1986 when I first went there. It could simply be a regular nightclub with DJ and dancefloor. It also hosted more well known live acts – I recall seeing Do Re Mi there in 1987 and Divinyls there in 1988. It also hosted special functions such as the annual Queens Ball for the gay and lesbian community as the main gay bar of the time, the Terminus, had limited floor space and thousands went to this lavish dress up event. In about 1988 a new gay bar called Patches opened above the Roxy. From my recollection it was fairly short-lived. Another gay bar called The Set operated briefly circa 1988 in the basement of the Alliance Hotel cnr Wickham Tce and Spring Hill ( the upstairs was a gay pub for the older age group). But there was just no beating the Terminus, which started (at least in that name) in 1983 and continued into the early 1990’s, bravely trading through a period where homosexuality was illegal in Qld. The most popular and well loved drag queen who mc-ed the live shows was called Destiny. There was a talented dance troupe who were practically resident called the John Ritchie Revue comprised of John Ritchie and two female dancers called Elaine and Jules. On Tuesday nights circa 1987 – 1989 there was no cover charge (you had to pay $2 other nights) and the place would be packed. I went back there in 1991 and it was still going strong.
    Up the road in Ann St in the Valley was The Beat, a gay club which flourishes still. In the mid to late 80’s most every club had to close at 3am. For some reason The Beat remained open until 5am so revellers headed there for two more hours of partying. What had been a gay bar became ‘mixed’ gay/straight until 5am. In what was still a homophobic place there was, remarkably, little violence or aggro that I recall when the straight crowd came over from Images and Sibyls etc. Cafe Neon in Paddington started in the early to mid 80’s and went well into the 90’s. It was a real ‘private school’ hangout. The Court Jester in Adelaide St (later became Alices Rock Cafe) was nicknamed The Court Molester due to the fact older men would go there alone to try to meet young female revellers. My cousin met her husband there (he was not of the aforementioned group).
    The big nights to go out ‘raging’ in Brisbane in the mid to late 80’s were Wednesday nights and Friday nights. The clubs still did a decent trade on Saturday nights but the general consensus was that Saturday nights were for private parties held at friends or friends of friends houses in what was still a bit on an overgrown country town.
    I’m glad to see you have Susannahs on the list. Its full name was Susannahs Riverside lounge on the top floor og the waterside workers club in Macrossan St in the city. Back then when it opened (in about 1989) you actually did get spectacular views of the river. It was women only and only ran on a Friday night. It went until 1991 or so but Susannah went on to run another venue called KDs, located in the Valley around the industrial part in or close to McLachlan St. Another lesbian bar of the late 80’s early 90’s (I read somewhere it ran until 1994) was Stray Cats at the Shafston Hotel in East Brisbane.

    • matt says:

      Images and Sybils “were” owned by the same people. They tried opening sybils again in the late 1990’s, but it was short lived. The terminus that you speak of, was called the “silver dollar” before that. There was one dicey club in ann street opposite warner street (now a nudie bar) called “romeos”. Chipboard floors and all and you stayed away from it when it closed due to numerous fights. Before club lewmors, that place was called “trinnity place” it was too small for its time. Yes, it did Remain closed for years thereafter as it was in a bad location. The fitzgerald inquirery didnt help this situation either. The roxy in brusnwick st was previously a furniture store in the late 1970’s. It was called Norman Ross furniture. owned by Mr HarveyNorman and Mr ross (known now as harvey norman) I believe the courtjester in adelaide street is now called Rogues, not the same rogues that was at kuraby/underwood

      Matt Hennessey

    • TeakLipstickFiend says:

      Yey! The Love Inn! I didn’t go there many times, because I never felt cool enough, but I loved the posters. I think I saw John Kennedy’s Love Gone Wrong there.

  32. Cathy says:

    Just a correction about Morticcias – the venue in upper Edward St was not called The Cats Tango prior – that was the name of a renowned restaurant at St Lucia at the time. Can’t remember what it was called.

    • Fiona says:

      re: Morticias. Before it headed to the Hacienda, it was definitely in a hotel on the corner of Edward and Ann St. It had been an old temperance hotel beside the School of the Arts (not the People’s Palace opposite) but was bought. Whilst they were awaiting demolition, they ran Morticias in the huge ballroom. It had a massive dancefloor, chich was great but most of the time, people lurked around the edges talking and catching up. I remeber a distinct lack of chairs so people sat on the carpet. I’m guessing 1988 or 89

      • Pauline says:

        Hi Fiona
        You’d be referring to the old Canberra Hotel which was run by the Temperance League. It was then sold and the name changed to The Capitol. Whoever ran it also had the venue licensed. It was a fantastic building with as you mentioned the ballroom (springed dance floor.) When Joh Bjelke married Flo he had his wedding reception there, dry reception of course. They also had the Tankstand which was a rooftop bar. I know what you mean about the furniture. I’m assuming because they sold the block and were about to demolish it things just got taken. Keen to hear from anyone who went there. Such a great building and huge loss to Brisbane.

  33. PETER says:

    I was in a band in those days and played at Quentins,also Sound Machine Elizabeth st,and Axis club [H.C.Fielding Hall Wickham st Valley]and ran Ritz Ballroom Boogie Rock for a while with Betty McQuade.that’s a few more to add to the list.

  34. Peter Bycroft says:

    in the late 1960’s there was a short lived R&B “sound lounge” called the St George Club in Petrie Terrace. It was run by the band members of The Down and Out – a Brisbane Band that, from memory, came seccond in the Hoadley’s Battle of the Sound in one of those years (1966 to 1969).

  35. P J Attel says:

    Thanks! Just great to read relive those Club names from years past.
    The information from replys regarding the Red Orb/Quentins Clubs satisfy’s a burning question I’ve held for many a year regarding the address.

  36. Spiro says:

    Don’t forget a club called Wilsons which was at the bottom of the New York Hotel in Queen Street adjacent to Hungry Jacks

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Spiro, I do believe that Wilsons was part of the Carlton Hotel. Now the ugly Myer centre. You would go downstairs for live music. Great space.

  37. ernest canis says:

    I don’t know if it is mentioned above but does anyone remember the name of the night club in a high rise with the revolving dance floor?

  38. Finsta says:


    You’ve gotta add Hogies into the mix. It was the predecessor to Adrenalin/Union Jack’s Alehouse on Charlotte Street. Middle to late 90s


  39. Sonia says:

    Nice to see I’m not the only one who remembers The Terminus. I have such fond memories of that place as a wee underaged queer.

  40. michael says:

    Cryptronics was also in the basement of the National Hotel on Queen St in the mid 80’s before it moved to the Treasury

  41. ginnee says:

    T.C’s is what it was called not T C definetley in the sixties also Teen city at Red Hill which was going in 64 used to be a picture theatre then Teen City then a Roller skating rink it was burn down the remains are still there,
    TC”s was going before Teen City hope that helps they were all fun
    and there was a roller skating rink called the Blue Moon just over the bridge in the city where the Art gallery is now.

  42. tony says:

    Hmmm – everyone keeps referring to “The Beat” in the Valley – it was called The Cockatoo in the early 80’s – didn’t change to the beat until the late 80’s/early 90’s I thought..
    It was a great place to go after 3am – certainly considering the only alternative was Hollywoods on Elizabeth Street!
    The Cockatoo definitely stayed open later than 5am too – I remember once walking out the door at around 7am on a Thursday morning in a particularly delicate state to be greeted by bright sunlight, peak hour traffic, and the thought of having to somehow make my way to my day job…
    I also remember being there one night after 3am, when the phone at the bar rang. The lights then came on, we were all herded out the back door (with our drinks) into an alley. Which is where we waited while the licencing boys checked that they weren’t trading after hours, and then we went back in again…..

  43. brett m. says:

    Hello Pauline.

    Congratulations and thanks for the truly great Clubbed Out Project.

    Usually this kind of cultural history is eventually lost forever.

    (Although when the memories come back you might think it should be.)

    For any readers who do not know, a report on the Clubbed Out Project currently features this week (13/01/2013) on the Fairfax Media web site which is associated with newspapers such as The Age of Melbourne and The Sydney Morning Herald: Clubbing in the eighties:

    The film of the dancers on the footpath outside Tracks is amazing.

    Was Whispers the Fortitude Valley nightclub where the toilets were named “Olivia Newton-John” and “Elton John” ?

    In what was undoubtedly an international innovation I think the complete title of “The Roxy” was “The Roxy Bistrotheque”: cleverly chosen so that potential patrons would know they could both eat and dance there.

    Is the Terminus still going ?

    If it is that is an incredible achievement.

    I can remember going to the “Silver Dollar” which was then a “punk rock” club (so I wore my safety pins) which immediately preceded the Terminus at the venue down the stairs and under the footpath in “the Valley” – conveniently located near the Fortitude Valley Plaza railway station. The name might actually have been spelt “Silva Dollar” but I am not sure.

    The ceiling there was low enough that you could conveniently stub your cigarette out on it and everybody did.

    Best of luck.

  44. Amanda says:

    Anyone remember the Mars Bar downstairs in Elizabeth Street, I think it was in the late 80s.

  45. Tracey McCulloch says:

    Just had flashback to the Red Parrot (or something Parrot?) in The Hilton around 1985-86….was quite exclusive when it first opened.

  46. David Rowlands says:

    Pauline, I was in the 60s band “Phil Jones and the Unknown Blues” I have some clippings, photos and notes referring to Brisbane venues on our 1967 tour. I can email them if you wish. I applaud you on building this information. It was a lot of work for me to obtain what I have. I am grateful for friends who have contributed to documenting the history of my band. Your work is very much appreciated.

  47. Vickii says:

    The Beat was originally called The Cockatoo Bar in the 80’s

    Marilyns in the Treasury Hotel commenced as “Blues”, then Marilyn’s, then Manequins Partyhouse. All brilliant venues and managed by Peter Brown, a nightclub icon in the 80’s. When “Marilyn” was in town, he refused to attend the nightclub, so the DJ’s protested by not playing his one big hit “Calling your Name”. We patrons protested by having a “sit in” in the centre of the dance floor, until the DJ relented.

    I used to attend classical ballet classes with 2 members of the John Ritchie Revue (from The Terminus). Saturday mornings we would be dancing in our pink tights. Saturday evening we would be in total new romantic garb watching the Revue at The Terminus. Wonderful times and memories.

  48. Lesley McBurney says:

    TBC’s was run on Saturdays in T.C. Bierne’s department store in the Valley. I remember seeing Issy Di there about 1970.

  49. John says:

    Pips Nite club in Elizabeth St, Opposite Hollywoods
    Was called checkers or chequers before that. I think it changed name before or after that. Owner was a John Bell.

  50. Rod says:

    Does anyone remember the downstairs bar that played silent movies around the late 70s early 80s. I think it may have been Wilsons but I vaguely recall the name 1812. Any one out there with clearer memories? Thanks.

    • Pauline says:

      I think it may have been called Wilsons 1812 (although I thought it was 1870). It was downstairs at the Carlton Hotel now the horrible Myer Centre. Keen to hear if anyone can confirm.

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