Club List

This is a work is progress, and is certainly not complete.. We are currently working on an online database with much more information.

If you have any information about actual dates and addresses or clubs not listed here, please leave a comment below, or Contact us

1950’s 64 Club Church Street Fortitude Valley
1950’s Birdland Edward Street City
1950’s Blue Moon Ann Street City
1950’s El Morocco Macrossan Street Valley
1950’s Havanna Coffee Lounge & Nightclub Cnr Macrossan & Queen Street City
1950’s Le Boheme North Quay now Brisbane Square City
1950’s Leos 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1947-1953 Princes 240 Queen Street City
1950’s The Primitif Piccadilly Arcade Queen St City
1960’s Colmslie Cabaret Hotel Colmslie, Cnr Wynnum & Junction Rds Morningside
1960’s Dog Patch Strathpine Country Club Strathpine
1960’s FOCO Trades Hall City
1960’s International Restaurant & Ravioli Bar 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1960’s Moulin Rouge Night Club Elizabeth Street City
1960’s O’Conner Boathouse North Quay City
1960’s Pacesetters Bellevue Hotel City
1960’s Picala Roma 230 Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Polynesian Room 355 Main Street Kangaroo Point
1960’s Prinz Alfreds Adelaide Street City
1960’s Rainbow Room First Floor, Lennons Hotel City
1960’s Red Orb 78A Wickham Street Valley
1960’s Sadlers Sound Lounge Edward Street City
1960’s Sorrento 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1960’s St George Club Petrie Terrace City
1960’s The Bowl Woolloongabba
1960’s The Hawaiian Eye 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Manor 33 Turbot Street (opp. McD & East Car Park) City
1960’s The Mod World – Kedron Brisbane-Kedron RSL Hall, Tram Stop 30 Kedron
1960’s The Open Door 64 Turbot Street City
1960’s The Scene Ritz Ballroom City
1960’s Torino 673/5 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Adam and Eves Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
1970’s Afrika 165 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Blinkers Albert and Charlotte Street City
1970’s Charlie Browns Cnr Albert and Queen Street City
1970’s Chequers 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Club 21 Upper Edward Street City
1970’s Club Harringtons 198 Wickham Terrace Valley
1970’s De Brazil (DB’s) 204 Albert Street City
1970’s Diamond Drill George Street City
1970’s General Jacksons Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1975-1990’s GOYA Disco Greek Club South Brisbane
1970’s Jet Club 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Knights 81 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Mamies 195 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Old Roses Restaurant Bar Rowes Arcade City
1970’s Palominos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Pips 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Quentins 78A Wickham Street Valley
1970’s Rebeccas Cnr Edward and Queen Street City
1970’s Romeos 693 Ann Street Valley
1970’s Sweeneys 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1970’s Swizzles Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Talk of the Town Adelaide Street Brisbane Plaza City
1970’s TC Sound Lounge Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Alley Cat Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Cave Elizabeth Street City
1970’s The Lotus Room 203 Elizabeth Street Brisbane
1970’s The Playboy Club 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Tommys 549 Queen Street, Petrie Bight Brisbane
1970’s Top of the State SGIO Building City
1970’s Uncles 74 Elizabeth Street City
1970’s Whiskey Au Go Go Cnr Amelia Street & St Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley
1970’s Willis Bazaar 546 Queen Street Brisbane
1980’s 42nd Street New York Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Agathas
1980’s Amyls Nightspace National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Arcadia Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Backstage – Alliance Hotel St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Blue Room Colmslie Hotel, Wynnum Road Morningside
1980’s Brissies Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s Caesars Palace Underwood
1980’s Café Neon Given Terrace Paddington
1980’s Castanet Club New York Hotel City
1980’s Charlottes 165 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Spring Hill Hotel Spring Hill
1980’s Cinderella Rockefellers Hamilton Hotel Hamilton
1980’s Club Vortex D’Junk 409 George Street City
1980’s Court Jester Adelaide Street City
1980’s Cryptronics Treasury Hotel, George Street City
1980’s Electric Circus Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Gatsby’s The Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Gecko Club Gardens Point Campus Club, QIT, George St City
1980’s Hibiscus Room Lennons Hotel City
1980’s Hipnotic 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Brisbane
1980’s Hollywoods 81 Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Hot Gossip Albert Street City
1980’s Images SGIO Building City
1980’s Jabbos George Street City
1980’s Labyrinth Red Hill
1980’s Love Inn Ann Street City
1980’s Lu-Lu’s Orient Hotel 560 Queen Street City
1980’s Mad Mac’s Disco Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Manhattans 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Mannequins Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Marilyns Treasury Hotel, George Street, upstairs City
1980’s Mars Bar City
1980’s Moon Bar Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Morticas Hacienda Hotel Valley
1980’s New York Queen Street City
1980’s Nightworx Albert Street City
1980’s Op Shop George Street City
1980’s Outrageous Paddington Tavern Paddington
1980’s Pacesetters Albion Park Raceway Breakfast Creek
1980’s Patches 210 Brunswick Street, Upstairs next to the Roxy Valley
1980’s Pinocchio’s 480 St Paul’s Terrace Valley
1980’s Rosies Edward Street City
1980’s Rumours Adelaide Street City
1980’s Sibyls Adelaide Street City
1980’s Silver Dollar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Spillanes Crest Hotel downstairs (now Sebel Citigate) City
1980’s Sunnys Runcorn Tavern Runcorn
1980’s Suzzanah’s Wharfies Club upstairs City
1980’s Sweethearts Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1980’s Sweethearts Alexandra Hills Hotel, Cnr McDonald & Finucane Rds Alexandra Hills
1980’s Tankstand Canberra Hotel (rooftop) Ann Street City
1980’s Terminus 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The 502 National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Bank Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Beat 677 Ann St Valley
1980’s The Buzz Bar Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Cockatoo Club 677 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Jetset Club Sunnybank Hotel Sunnybank
1980’s The Metro Belfast Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s The Move Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1980’s The Outpost 693 Ann Street Valley
1980’s The Roxy 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s The Zap Club Basement, Community Arts Centre, 109 Edward St City
1980’s Hacienda Hotel, Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s Tokyo Joes Ranwell Lane, 210 Wickham St Valley
1980’s Tracks City Plaza Tavern, Cnr George & Adelaide St City
1980’s Transformers Charlotte Street City
1980’s Underground Hale Street/ Barracks Paddington
1980’s Wall Street 8th Floor 160 Edward Street City
1980’s Warhols 445 Upper Edward Street City
1980’s Wastelands St Pauls Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Whispers 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1980’s White Chairs (Elizabeth St bar) Elizabeth Street City
1980’s Wilsons Queen St Myer Centre City
1980’s Wintergarden Tavern Queen Street City
1980’s Yesterdays National Hotel, Queen Street City
1980’s Yo Yos Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s 100% 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Abigails The Playground, Robinson Street/Tivoli Valley
1990’s Adrenalin Mary Street City
1990’s Alice’s Rock Café Adelaide Street City
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Arena 210 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Bablyon 163 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s Bass Note George Street City
1990’s Big Kahuna Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Big Kahuna Carindale Tavern Carindale
1990’s Casablanca Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Caution Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s City Rowers Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Club 131 Stock Exchange Hotel, 131 Edward Street City
1990’s Club Voltaire
1990’s Crash n Burn 93 Edward Street City
1990’s Criterion George Street City
1990’s Flares Various venues Valley
1990’s Fridays Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Funkyard Elizabeth Street, Myer Centre City
1990’s Grand Orbit Eagle Street Pier City
1990’s Hades Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Hogies Charlotte Street City
1990’s Indie Temple Embassy Hotel, 214 Elizabeth Street/then Valley City
1990’s Jazz n Blues Bar Brisbane City Travelodge, Roma Street City
1990’s Kokoz Caxton Street Petrie Terrace
1990’s Lexington Queen Albert Street City
1990’s Lush Bar 249 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Mary Street 130 Mary Street City
1990’s Mass Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Max’s 409 Club George Street City
1990’s Metropolis Queen St Myer Centre City
1990’s Midian Nekromekanical National Hotel, Queen Street City
1990’s Morticia’s Hacienda Hotel Valley
1990’s OMO Jubilee Hotel, St Pauls Terrace Valley
1990’s Options 18 Little Edward Street Spring Hill
1990’s Phase 4 Majestic Hotel, 382 George St City
1990’s Press Club Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Rhodes Beaudesert Road Moorooka
1990’s Rics Brunswick Street Mall Valley
1990’s Rics 321 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s Scrabble Valley
1990’s Spring Hill Tavern 447 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill
1980’s Stratus Homestead Hotel, 114 Zillmere Rd Boondall
1990’s Sunnyside Up Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s Super Deluxe Empire Hotel cnr Ann and Brunswick St Valley
1990’s The Alarm 81 Elizabeth Street City
1990’s The Dance Bar 394 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Dome Sybil’s address Adelaide Street City
1990’s The Gig 22 Market Street City
1990’s The Site 201 Brunswick Street Valley
1990’s The Tube Wickham Street Valley
1990’s The Zoo (special club nights) 711 Ann Street Valley
1990’s Van Goughs Ear Lobe Stanley Street Woolloongabba
1990’s Vaseline Land’s Office, Cnr George and Mary Streets City
1990’s Viva Given Terrace Paddington
1990’s Volcanic Bass Adelaide Street (rear entrance Alice’s Rock Cafe) City

291 Responses to Club List

  1. Johnny gray says:

    What about the wicked witch bald hills hotel Thursday nights with resident band The Flamingoes

  2. Michele says:

    I am now 46 yrs old and I still remember, like it was yesterday, the many nights of going out in the city. We used to hang out at The Manhattan in the valley almost every night of the week. They had different themes for different nights – girls night, boys night, mixed night..and the music was to die for, all cool and funky. From there, we’d walk, yes walk, to Sybil’s, for some more of the same. Safe as houses back then! Later, after The Manhattan closed, we started going to the underground and kokoz, wall st and transformers with a little bit of Mary street thrown in for good measure! No-one does clubs like these any more and it’s a real shame…

    • Basil Brush says:

      You forgot dwarf throwing at the Manhattan!
      I remember walking from there to Sybil’s too. Couldn’t wait to legitimately go into Sibil’s 25 and over downstairs. How time flys

  3. Michele says:

    How about the bar that was under Stefan’s? I spent many nights there too, but I can’t remember what it was called! Had a lot of different names..when Michael Jordan was the DJ

  4. Brett says:

    Great list. Maybe consider adding The Red Parrot & Her Majesteys at the Hilton late 1980’s.


  5. Yusuf Mohammad says:

    Leo’s 1950’s …………… I worked there in ’68 as a Food and Wine waiter under a most professional Mister Luigi Rossini and would be most surprised if it had been in existence that long!

  6. Helen Morgan says:


    I started and owned the Dancebar nightclub. It was short-lived, but significant, because it combined all of the smaller clubs in one large venue on the corner of Ann and Edward streets, on the high side of Ann Street, directly across from the People’s Palace, in the old Canberra Hotel. Angus Kennedy was the DJ, and I believe he did open another club under the same name for a very short time which might be the one you are referring to. For a short period, the smaller clubs ceased to exist. It was written up as “The Regatta of the alternative scene” because it was so crowded. It later moved to Adelaide Street, in the National Hotel, but was never in Brunswick Street. Would love to supply material for a page on the club if you have room. Helen.

  7. Peter says:

    Hi! “Mac’s 409 Club” was definitely in the early 80’s not 90’s. I know because I introduced the two guys who started it in the famous old downstairs coffee shop that the Go Betweens played at before they were famous. The shop was known as The Curry Shop but it was actually a coffee lounge. The business fell into ruin and was taken over by Chris (actually the names are escaping me right now but I will wake in the middle of the night remembering them LOL) … I knew them both seperately, one was a dreamer with no money running the place as Mac’s 409 Club from about 1983 and the other a “doer” with money who eventually turned it into the successful Sensoria from about 1984 till it was shut down by the authorities a couple of years later – anyone who followed the 4zzz music scene at the time will know these places at the end of George and Roma Sts …. I had the Thurs night gig that remained named as Mac’s 409 Club using the 4zzz talent agency for bands and did that for about a year in 1984/5 – it was my price for introducing the 2 guys. The first gig for the new partnership was New Years Eve 1984 and I had 7 days to organise and promote it … turned out pretty successful too!! Great night and that grew into Sensoria eventually …. the last band that played at Sensoria was New Order, I didn’t get any more club gigs after that because it was shut down for lame reasons by the authorities over licencing.
    Hope that helps straighten out the facts.
    Happy clubbin’!!

    • Dave says:

      One of those near the junction of George & Roma streets was called Sensoria. There was also The Tube Club in the 80’s, Mary St I think

    • Miranda says:

      My dad is Chris Johnson, I think one of the guys you mention here. I remember going into the building with dad on a Sat or Sun afternoon, it was pretty cool for a 13/ 14 year old as I was then. I also vaguely remember alternative markets run in the Druids hall nearby, with the Perfumer Johnathon Smiggley? having a stall there.

  8. Paul cooper says:

    Tammys disco was run by the Ashgrove west Methodist church in its hall on waterworks road. Started in late 1968 and continued in 1969. Resident band was Sebastian Wood in which I was the keyboard player. We would get up to 700 kids on a Saturday night to dance to our music, visiting bands including Colored Balls, Flamingos.. A coffee shop operated downstairs, along with a theatrette which showed movies like Endless Summer.

  9. Kim Rendell says:

    Hi ! Great list. Just reading the names invokes many, many memories for me. I both worked and “played” in the Valley and later in the City. One Club you list as: 1980?s, Pinocchio’s, 480 St Paul’s Terrace, Valley – I recall it very well in Ann Street just up the road from the Royal George – unless it moved to St Paul’s at some point? Perhaps someone else can confirm? Please keep the list going and updated, it’s worth it! Cheers, Kim

    • Adrian says:

      I agree with Kim. According to my diary, the band I was in at the time played one night at Pinocchio’s in Ann Street, the Valley in November 1973 from 9:30pm to 3:00am. Apart from feeling tired at the end of the gig, we weren’t paid much so we never played there again.
      It was definitely open in the 1970’s decade.

  10. Lisa says:

    At the site of Hogies was originally Tansformers. Was around til the end of ’94. VJ the DJ spun some bodacious tunes while we sat in old airplane seats. 🙂

  11. Linda says:

    I remember a club in Fortitude Valley in the early 70s called Flamingos.
    Abe Yasse was the manager. He also had Clancys Restaraunt at Taringa sometime later in the early 80s.
    Flamingos was a fun place to go and had a really good band playing great music.
    Does anyone else remember this club and its whereabouts. I cant quite remember the street address.

  12. John Turnwer says:

    DB’s. Who owned that? Dennis?

  13. Brett S says:

    Hi, can anybody remember what street the Brisbane Hotel was on? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Brett. Not sure if it’s the same place you are thinking of, but The Brisbane Tavern was on the corner of Adelaide and Wharf street in the city.

      • GG says:

        Brisbane Tavern was run by Nick (?)….I hung out there on/off for a couple of years (94-97?). It played reggae and early 90s RnB. He later moved his club to where Sybills use to be (literally 50m up the road) and called it Euphoria (1997-1999?)….that was his peak….full of all sorts – Asians, Islanders, some Aussies. Before Brisbane Tavern he was running it out of Ship Inn at Southbank, with a super short stint afterwards at The Fox…it was raw and it worked. ..that dude catered to the RnB clubbers …pioneer…fun fun times, except when the Islanders had one too many drinks…lol

      • Paul says:

        Brisbane tavern was on the corner of Ann street and wharf street.
        The hotel with the best view when having a beer was the city view hotel.
        Can anyone remember a night club called the the junk yard in Elizabeth street where the Myers is now.

    • Rex says:

      Ann Street

  14. JOHN JURSS says:

    Some of the info you have needs correction.

    T/C’s Sound Lounge was very big in the middle 60’s with all the top Brisbane bands having performed there.About 1965 the resident band was a group called the Dominoes.
    Other great bands of the time were the Flamingoes,The Echos,The Blue Jays,Beachies,Planets,etc.
    After some time it was re-named “UNCLE’S”.

    As well as that,the Homestead was very big from the early 70’s.One of the early resident bands was a group called “The Clefs”who were there for almost 2.5 years.The venue also had an aray of overseas stars at the time including Helen Shapiro,Louis Armstrong,Edward Woodward(a great baritone singer)as well as actor and others too numerous to mention.The Homestead at Zillmere was originally set up by a consortium of tennis professionals.

    p.s.TC’s and Top Cat’s are one and the same.

    p.p.s.One of the most successful clubs from 1976-1982 was the Mayne Sporting Club.

    The Clefs were the resident band for all this time,and Sunday nights usually hosted no less than 600 and usually 700 people.

    The nights began at 7.00pm and finished at 11.00pm. The booze was cut at 10.00(on odd occasions with a special license at 10.30pm) with half an hour of dancing (usually
    very fast music for 30mins.)to burn off a lot of excess alcohol.

    There seems to be a great deal of “alcohol-related”violence today.At the Mayne Sporting Club between 1976-1982 we saw none.

    • Kathryn says:

      That’s correct.
      “TC’s Sound Lounge was very big in the middle 60?s with all the top Brisbane bands having performed there. About 1965 the resident band was a group called the Dominoes.”
      There was a drinks waiter there who also worked day time as a buyer for Woolworths or Coles in the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea.
      I went there many times; it was my favourite hangout.

      • John Jurss says:

        I was the drummer with the dominoes about 1965 or so.

        I have a couple of recordings of the Dominoes that were recorded live and someone got hold of them and put them on Youtube.

    • Julie says:

      Yes Mayne Sporting Club with The Clefs was one of the best! Thanks John.

      • John Jurss says:

        I remember a top-notch vocalist that sang with the Clefs at Mayne. If that happens to be the Julie that commented on my comment,then thanks for reminding me of the great times we had.

    • Geoff Hegarty says:

      Yes TCs was a great spot. Remember seeing Tony Worsley there many times in the mid 60s. They used to sell rum and coke that had no alcohol in it – essence of rum of something.

  15. Danl says:

    hi there, great website, and certainly stirs up somr memories for me.
    I also remember a goth / punk niteclub called Hades, that I am pretty certain operated upstairs at the Treasury Hotel.
    Does anyone recall this venue?

  16. Grant says:

    Hi Pauline
    I am not 100% on this, but I should have proof (see below) — I think Patches was actually Patch’s

    From memory “Patch” was a DJ at the Terminus and he was the main man behind Patch’s and thus it was named after him – I have a photos of a night Paramour played ‘live’ there — Matt, Me, Craig Sue from Paramour, Aunty Betty (Stephen Whiteman of DV8 Productions, and DJ at The Beat and manger of Dance Music Records) and a few other friends at Patch’s with the logo clearly in the background – I must find it and send to you 🙂 That will have the correct spelling and answer the question !

    • Robert says:

      Hi Grant,
      Patch wasn’t a DJ at the Terminus. the DJ’s there were Lester, Les Smith and Darren AJ. I used to DJ with Darren on Tuesday nights. Patch was actually a friend of Toby who was the manager of The Beat right before John Hannay took it over in the late 80’s. Toby was asked to open a club upstairs of the Roxy by one of the owners (R.Chan), so he sent his friend Patch there to set it up. I was one of the opening DJ’s there for a little while. Because the ceiling was so low we couldn’t put in any decent (for 1989 anyway) lighting. the other problem was with The Roxy having bands (i remember Paul Kelly and the Colour Girls playing there) as well as music from Patches “leaking” into the Roxy and visa versa. I think i went back to DJing at The Beat after about 4 to 6 months.

  17. Robbie MacLean says:

    Great list! Two clubs I used to go to in the late 1980s that aren’t on this list are: “The Stardust Club” which was located in the old Atcherley Hotel, Petrie Bight and “The Speakeasy” which was located in Albert Street somewhere between Mary and Alice Streets. The Speakeasy used to sometimes host Morticias, as did The Orient Hotel. I note you’ve only listed Morticias as being at the Hacienda.

  18. I would like information about 1990:nightclub Crash and Burn.owner,years opened and Bulldozer.? Thanku Karinda.

  19. What did Joey do after owning Crash and Burn?

  20. Rex says:

    What about Queens Hotel , National Hotel, Brothers ,George Hotel etc etc

  21. Peter urbonas says:

    I dj at a club called Casablanca on Fitzroy street at at st kilda in the 80s in Melbourne just wondering if there’s any info about it?

  22. Danny Blue says:

    I took part in the World Dwarf-Throwing series in the Manhatten club Brisbane in November 1986. It was sponsored by the People Magazine. My team, Roy Merrin, Lenny The Giant and I won the Ashes created by incinerating seven copies of snow white and the seven dwarves. I would love to hear from any one who was there or associated with it. I remember a chap called Robin Oxland was in charge of the Australian side of things. thanks

    • Jon Adams says:

      Hi Danny,
      I had a marketing company working in club promotions at the time and was approached by Robin Oxland to assist with the marketing of The Manhatten. I was told there vision was going to reinvent clubbing – providing a new level of style and sophistication. My intererst was piqued. I asked him about the music policy and was told it would be Top 40 (which wasn’t a policy) but then he went on to say that it would be easy to draw a crowd as there would be top shelf entertianment including dwarf throwing and wet T-Shirt competitions. I never took him up on his offer. In a strange twist, I became involved in the same venue (on two separate occasions) under two different management teams.

    • Basil Brush says:


      I remember it at the Manhattan. Did they wear a Velcro suit and also thrown against a Velcro wall?
      Can’t say it could pass as entertainment now,


  23. Mike Higgison says:

    Rogues at Underwood in the 1980s. Had been called Caesar’s Palace previously. Remember it well. And the Refectory at Uni of Qld in the 80s.

  24. Allen travers says:

    Just found out that rogues international that was in underwood on logan road is now a petbarn store for pets.

  25. Allen travers says:

    What was the name of the nightclub next to or down from the transformers nightclub

  26. Meg Cardigan says:

    Hi there

    I remember dancing at the Buzz Bar in 1991 (not just the 1980s) when I first moved to Brisbane for Uni. Loved going there so much so that I would usually go both Friday and Saturday nights.

    Also loved Crash and Burn and Mass. There was also a fantastic club at the Orient Hotel later in the 90’s – I think it was Parklife or something Blur related.

    Thanks for compiling all of this. Love reading those names of clubs…

  27. Richard Tillotson says:

    Rhythm Zone – Wednesday nights at Rumours on Adelaide St. Ran for a year or so in the late 80’s early 90’s. after Patch’s closed. Great nights out…smoke machine and strobe light was all it needed. Early house/techno.

  28. Adrian says:

    A couple of my friends and I were patrons at the opening night of a club called the Whiskey Au Go Go in the upper floor of an old building on the eastern side of Wickham St, the Valley between Duncan St and Brunswick St on Friday 15th March, 1968. There was a go-go dancer on each side of the stage doing their thing, and because of a lack of staff that evening one of my friends and I were allowed to operate the spotlights at the other end of the room shining on the go-go dancers. Those were the days.

    I can recall going to Club 64 (not 64 Club?) towards the end of 1964 (hence the name) in the Valley therefore I assume it opened that year, so why have you listed it in 1950’s decade? I thought it was located in an old church in Warner St, the Valley at that time.

    The Sound Machine in Elizabeth St was very close to TCs which became Uncles with the telephones on each table.

    De Brazil moved to the first floor of a building in Edward St (near Elizabeth St) for a while after its closure in Albert St.

  29. Adrian says:

    I have to correct my comment of yesterday April 14, 2017 regarding your Club List under DECADE 1950’s for 64 Club.
    I have accessed the Holy Trinity Church website and it shows the location of Trinity Hall at Church Street at its intersection with Ann St, Fortitude Valley. Their website states: “The sixties brought the Valley, always a shopping mecca, into the wilder years. The ’64 Club opened in Trinity Hall (in 1964!) with a Carnaby Street bent which soon developed into battle of the bands competition, and a safe place in the Valley for those under age.”
    So I was incorrect with the Warner St location, but not too far off. My apologies for the error. However we now have proof that it was called 64 Club which opened in 1964.

  30. Peter says:

    Alarm in Elizabeth street doesn’t appear to be on the list. It was at the top end of Elizabeth Street. I think it was originally, or turned into, a Russian restaurant. You had to walk down a set of stairs to get to it. Many a good time had there.

  31. Lyn says:

    Gee how you did you miss Cloudland off the list.
    Nearly every person in Brisbane from the 40s 50s 60s
    Even early 70s has a picture taken at Cloudland.
    It was a grand old lady with a great dance floor.
    Such an iconic Brisbane venue it was sad to see
    It go.

    • John Jurss says:

      I used to play there when I was with the Hucklebucks – Tuesday nights were big as well as Saturday nights – also played there Saturday afternoons for the Coca Cola Hi Fi Club. We were resident band on Channel Nine for about 6 months – that was the TV version of the Coca Cola Hi-Fi Club
      This was around 1960.

  32. Julie Lloyd says:

    I remember TC’s where I met my husband. There was a Stomp Pit in the corner of the floor and a “bar” where you could gt “rum and coke” which was just a sort of rum essence

  33. Ken Maxwell says:

    You left out Apples Disco at The National Hotel. 1978 to 1981. It was the first true Saturday Night Fever style Disco in Brisbane. Before Whispers and all the others following.

    • Dino says:

      Didn’t the Nationl hotel become the 502 before late night knockdown by the Dean Brothers famous for knocking Cloudland in the middle of the night.They advertised “we only leave memories”.I bounced in most bars they left out the New York Hotel in Queens street also with Custers bar downstairs.I think around 1982 a Greek owned it.Great guy.The memories of the old west will live forever from Brisbane nite clubs.Then the strip entertaining came along with Wildside Jerry Harrington.Put a whole new meaning to a theme night in a night club like Rouges International.I laugh to myself every time I think of it being called International.I bounced there also.Great times had.

  34. Lynette smith says:

    I went to whiskey a go go, the next week it was bombed.
    Knew a few ppl. Who were there that night.

  35. Michael says:

    TC’s, Uncle’s, checker’s, pip’s and the last night club at 74 Elizabeth st was Swizzle’s with turned in to a strip club owner Brian little and manager Johnny Bell

  36. Michael says:

    TC’s, Uncle’s, checker’s, pip’s and the last night club at 74 Elizabeth st was Swizzle’s with turned in to a strip club owner Brian little and manager Johnny Bell..

  37. Geoff Hegarty says:

    Hi. The Primitif ran as a coffee lounge from the late 50s, but in about 65 or 66, the management (Peter?) opened Primitif Junior, up the stairs. From the street in Piccadilly Arcade, Primitif was down two sets of stairs, Prim Junior was down only one. Historically, it’s an important spot as it was the virtual birthplace of the Purple Hearts, a band which had as lead guitarist a pimply youth later known as Lobby Lloyd. Saturday mornings from something like 10am to 1pm (not sure of that), this tiny venue would pump out some of the loudest and bestest sounds Brissie had to offer in those days. Tunes were covers of stuff on Five Live Yardbirds (Clapton), early Manfred Mann etc. Saturday shoppers would wander past with mouths hanging open at the intensity of the music. It was a great spot and should be included in your wonderful list.

  38. Megz says:

    Stranded! In the Strand Arcade.. Best new wave, alternative & punk music : late 70’s- early 80’s..

  39. Kelly says:

    What about “Stars”… A transvestite bar, upstairs on Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley… I waitressed in “Tony’s Downunder” early 1990’s and I clearly remember visiting Stars a number of times.

  40. Kelly says:

    Correction… It was called “Starz”. It is mentioned in Pauline Bell’s book on the history of Brisbane’s clubs.

  41. Arcadia Love says:

    What a great list!! I used to DJ all over Brisbane in the 80’s (I had a different name then) working for Kev Batten who ran a DJ business called Modern Music. I did stints and residencies at Treasury Hotel, Majestic Hotel, The Criterion, The Embassy, Colmslie Hotel, Court Jester and Whispers. There was also a pub, I can’t remember the name, used to have a sunday arv session with a DJ and a band, eastern end of the city. I wish I could remember the name of it as I remember one of the bands very well. The lead singer was Keith Urban!

  42. Paula says:

    Can anyone remember the bar that used to be at Pier Nine, where the George’s of Paragon restaurant is now? They used to do free tequila throwbacks at the bar on busy nights. I don’t think it was particularly Mexican themed, however the tequila throwbacks and the name (which escapes me) I think, was Mexican influenced. IT. IS. DRIVING. ME. INSANE. trying to remember it! i’m talking late 80s, very early 90s. Hellllp!

  43. lester vickary says:


  44. lester vickary says:


  45. Briwndog says:

    We used to call the Court Jester the Court Molester and Cinderella Rockafella Cinderella Bashafellla..haha ..Berties myer cente and Outrageous paddo tavern were two more 80’s clubs

  46. Mick The Hoon From Inala says:

    Hi brings back memories one thing Chequers nite club at 74 Elizabeth st was late 70′ then it changed to pip’s nite club erliy 80′ then change to Swizzle’s nite club 80′ till it got pulled down for the myer center I worked at pip’s and swizzles I was Mick (Mick The Hoon) had the best times of my life at most of the places on this list

    • Mick The Hoon From Inala says:

      Allso it was TC’s first then Uncle’s, checker’s, pip’s and the last night club at 74 Elizabeth st was Swizzle’s with turned in to a strip club owner Brian and manager Johnny

    • Peter Evans says:

      Hi Mick Peter Evans I work at pips and swizzels for john and Brian on the door great memories

  47. Candy Murtagh says:

    In 968/69 I went to Sebastian’s in the City, any idea where it was please?

  48. Chuck says:

    Wizards Cauldron at the YMCA Windsor was very popular early 70’s.

  49. Jess says:

    Can anyone give me any more information or links about Cinderella Rockefeller’s??

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