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Fab journo Katherine Feeney has written an article based around footage that she saw filmed at Tracks nightclub in the 80’s. She also interviewed me about Clubbed Out and going out in the 80’s. Great footage of the club and fashion too. This project is keen for any footage, photos or memorabilia and of course your stories. Lots of people have commented how they would take photos before going out, but no one would take their cameras out with them. Cameras were expensive and a lot of them were bulky. As for video or film, any that we’ve found (very little so far) was done by the venue operators.

Since the article has been up, I’ve received a lot of comments and feedback about the project so thank you all. ┬áIf you haven’t already seen it take a look, it’s worth a gander and yes the podium dancers are included!

I’ll be posting more of your recollections as well. If you have some interesting stories and recollections you can leave a comment or go to contribute and fill out a survey form.

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  1. JJ says:

    I remember fondly my years of clubbing in Brisbane in the early 80’s. Prior to punk, I’d go to a disco called General Jacksons it was at the Crest Hotel (if I remember correctly) opposite the Town Hall, where I’d dance all night to Earth Wind and Fire etc.

    When I moved into the punk scene, I always went to a bar called White chairs in Elizabeth St, before heading across the road to a basement club called Knights. On Sunday nights we headed to a club in Paddington, it was in the old spaghetti factory I think, but I can’t recall the name of the club. I can recall the $2.00 nachos.

    Live music venues were the University of Sydney to see bands like Hunters and Collectors and Cloudland, to see Madness and Stray Cats. I also recall seeing the Violent Femmes in some football club, but can’t recall where.

    Looking back Brisbane had a great live music scene.

    • Pauline says:

      You’d be referring to the Underground in Paddington. Corner of Hale and Caxton Street. It later moved to Petrie Terrace.
      For your live music query I think you went to Easts Leagues at Coorparoo. It had an amazing live music scene there. Before the pokies came along.

      • waynecable says:

        what was the club up stairs opposite the paddo?

        • Pauline says:

          That club when it first opened was called Cafe Neon – also know as Cafe No-one
          Very exclusive when it first opened. I remember a friend of mine being refused entry because of the pants he was wearing. So, he went home (a few streets away) and changed and arrived in a kilt. They let him in.
          It was a very fancy club and had a great layout but after many years lost its attraction and went into decline. Now it’s a gym.

    • waynecable says:

      in the early 80s i had a club called ZITS a full on punk club was in ann st now opposite cloud land if u wanted to see a real punk club this was the place to b

  2. shane says:

    ahhh the 80s in the valley brings back some memories. even all the corruption never bothered anyone. that is until the Ritzgerald enquirey screwed everything up for all concerned. So much so that i got the hell out of QLD. with people knowing 1/2 the information i did getting shot, i wasn’t sticking around for my visit. I must admit it was quite hilarious sitting way over there in Perth and watching the news on the Fitzgerald enquirey, listening to Joh lie his ass off denying any knowledge of corruption, illegal casinos, escort services in QLD. Not to many were privvy to the payments each month but i was. Being the club i worked was the centre of the enquirey. in fairness it wasn’t just Joh, Russ Hinz was another from memory. we are talking 25 year ago.. All that aside, while the pollies & police were getting there illegal hand outs, NO ONE was getting hurt, Brisbane or QLD was one of the cheapest places to live. It was a win win for all Queenslanders. Take cigarrettes for example, soon as Joh was out they got a 75% gov tax put on them, I still recall stopping at supermarkets & deis on the way out of QLD filling the boot of my car with the last of the tax free ciggies. I really wished the do gooders minded there own business, QLD was never the same after that.

  3. waynecable says:

    hey i still got one original coaster in perfect condition from whiskey au go go

  4. Bernie Turnbull says:

    Just had a look at the video of the podium dancers at Tracks nightclub and watched an old friend of mine named Karen dancing her heart out! She was a fantastic dancer and I must admit I stole a few moves of hers when I hit the dance floor. Images was my hangout for a short time until it closed. Sadly, I missed an opportunity to reconnect with Karen the dancer. Saw her a few years back at Brisbane Central Station, but I was too embarrassed to talk with her as she was being given a fine by a transit officer. I am loving this site, but I wish I could meet up with people who frequented these clubs. I do have on FB friend who met her husband at Images and they are still together….Cathy & Sam. Thanks Pauline for the memories!

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