Bands and musicians at the Majestic Hotel in 1973

I received this request from Fiona trying to locate her original birth father. He was a musician in clubs in the 70’s, particularly at the Majestic Hotel. As a few of you who read Clubbed Out are muso’s I was wondering whether anyone can help.

Hello this website is very interesting and lots of work has gone into this interesting site. The reason I am writing to you to put in short is I am an adoptee & have been searching for my birth father since I was 18 years old, I am now getting closer to 40 – gosh where does the time go!! Anyway the point is my birth father played in a 4 piece band at the Majestic Hotel in Brisbane in 1973. Finding my father means so very much to me & happy to share more information just am trying to find out the names of bands who played their between July 1973 – September 1973. I realise that this can be needle in a hay stack situation however I am also trying to find who owned the hotel at this time?? I guess there is many clues to this puzzle which can come from any information or perhaps you might know where I might start my search regarding the Majestic in 1973. Any information that may assist me I would greatly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Also you made mention of Charlie Browns and my father I grew up with owned this establishment in the late 70?s so maybe you have some questions regarding this pub? Thank you for your time and this website it’s actually given me some hope. Many thanks Fiona

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  1. Matt Hennessey says:

    I was adpoted as a baby and found my biologiacl mother. It took about 9 years though.
    First important thing is to go to birth deaths and marriages office and request your name that was given to you st birth by your father ( It’s most likely from your mother though) You must also be prepeared that when or if you find the bio dad, they may or may NOT want to have anything to do with you etc. Just don’t build up your hopes too much just in case this happens. Find out your real name and “that” certificate should have his name on it unless he objected to it.


  2. Brian says:

    Does anyone have photos of TCs Sound lounge in Elizabeth st Brisbane, that they could share


  3. Jennifer says:

    I was a dancer in the early 70s and worked with a lot of bands, knew quite a few musicians, and still do. A lovely young man called Luke Taiapa on Facebook, who studies and collects music history in Brisbane, consistently puts the entertainment pages, with bands that were playing, on his page with the dates from back then. I think he gets them from the library archives. I suggest you look him up on FB if you have not had any luck yet. Get in touch with me if you need more help. Jennifer xx

  4. Luke says:

    Yes Jennifer I do get them from the State Library. Thank you for mentioning me and I appreciate it.

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