We’ve all been to a club at some time or other. Many of us have fond memories of their nightclub experiences.  In fifty years Brisbane has seen major changes not only in it’s skyline but also in the way people spend a night out.

Clubbed Out is a contemporary history project that records the history of nightclubs in Brisbane from 1950 – 2000. Everyone’s invited to share their stories of club life and share any souvenirs they may have as well.

We are looking for stories from those who worked in clubs, went to clubs and performed in clubs. We are also keen to see any souvenirs collected from clubs in Brisbane, including photographs, film, flyers, coasters, posters, uniforms, ashtrays, shot glasses, even fake id’s. Some of these may be selected for inclusion in the Clubbed Out exhibition and book.

Stay tuned for an online database and interactive map of Brisbane clubs..   Contact us now and let us know about your Clubbed Out experience.

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