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Rebeccas 1

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  1. Peter Evans says:

    Hi Noelene what a great memory you have they were great times I actually work for Gerry at all his clubs and the other name your looking for is Lez Zelinnski . Rebecca’s was Gerry second attempt at building a purpose built night club the first was Charlotte’s in Elizabeth st the city quite a busy little spot for a number of years . And the reason that the Atcherley didn’t work was that at the last minute the owners changed their minds regarding the leasing of the upstairs ballroom which was one of the most beautiful function rooms i have ever seen with a lead light dome that covered the dance floor it would have been something else but last minute jitters by the owners saw us end up in the basement. And a very in glories end for the ballroom it was demolished six months later if only the people of Brisbane got to see how beautiful it was it may have gone a long way to saving the old Atcherley

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