A question that needs answering…

Recently I received a message from Leigh who is doing a Masters in Creative Writing. She is writing a personal memoir bringing to life the 80’s nightclub scene of her late teens/early twenties to life. She is very keen to find out if this is fact or fiction. Or in other words if this is fact or did she have a few too many beers and imagined it! So Clubbed Out readers can you help?

Did Robert Smith (lead singer of The Cure) visit The Tube Club (Lands Office Hotel) after his 1984 concert at Festival Hall, Brisbane???
If anyone can remember please let us know. Leigh believes he turned up pretty late. If anyone has any recollections of this happening please let us know.

Stay tuned as the club list will be updated soon. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. If you could please include years that you recall clubs going for an even an actual address this can help in compiling the list.

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  1. Angela says:

    YES he did. I remember him being there. Looked right bored.

  2. Karen says:

    I was a young teenager & would go to the winter garden every weekend for for what seemed like a long time! Sometimes the criterion, there was another favorite that was a pub but when downstairs it looked like a church! In those days I only knew of 1 club that stayed open till day break & it was pretty sleazy! if anyone else remembers places or events like au ssie hop or David bowie the uni refec st Lucia Brisbane wld love a chat 🙂

  3. Vikki says:

    I remember that before being called the Love Inn it was called Trinity’s and was a gay night club on the bottom level with the beer garden out back and there was another bar upstairs. They used to have a drag show every Friday night at midnight. Was a great place to party, never asked to see id, think I started going there when I was about 16, same as the Court Jester and the Wintergarden, never had any problems getting in there or at New York, another one to put on your list was Wilsons 1870’s where the Myer Centre now is, you used to go downstairs and they had lots of booth style seating, from memory you could also get a meal there too. Also, the Council Club which I think was up on George Street

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Vikki, I do remember Trinity’s or was it called Trinity Place? Anyway lots of people seemed to end up there. Do you recall the velvet artwork of Bruce Lee near the dance floor?
      The Council Club was on the corner of Adelaide and George Sts where the old council building/City Plaza was. The Mayor of Brisbane at the time, Jim Soorley closed it. One of his bad decisions I think.

  4. David Shearer says:

    Yes I used to go to the Tube Club regularly in 1984 and I remember when the Cure and U2 played at Festival Hall – I went to that concert and yes Robert Smith from the Cure went to the Tube Club after the concert.

    I recall first hearing about the Tube club in an article in the Telegraph – the old evening newspaper in Brisbane – it was advertised as a ska music / alternative music venue. It also attracted a lot of Mods then skinheads – then it went down hill a bit. However it was always better than Tracks!!

    • Sonya says:

      Yes! Absolutely! he was there and so was I. My friend Nesrin who worked at a record bar in The Valley had sound check passes and from memory it was she who asked him to come back after the gig. I was a regular at The Tube and friends of mine frequented the more trendy address of The Mars Bar, just around the corner. I would drop in there when the Tube closed as they had a pretty good sound offering with New Order et al…
      Great to hear of the old Tube getting a mention. I met a Sydney Mod at the Tube enroute to Sydney from Townsville (Army) and relocated to Sydney around ’87 where the scene was more full on but a lot less friendly.

  5. Suzanne Farrell says:

    Yes – all of the members of the Cure were there. I got Robert’s autograph (how droll).

  6. Angel says:

    It was actually called Trinity Place, the nightclub was street level with the small beer garden out back where was also the drags dressing room and upstairs from memory was a small dining area. My fave shows were when Malika who is still just as stunning as ever did her Eartha Kitt numbers .

  7. Caryn says:

    Robert Smith was def there. If you need a Tube Club flyer, I have the first one they put out.
    Trinities was exactly as Angel described and Corey and Noel ran the eatery upstairs. X

  8. Tony says:

    Apparently it was 4th Oct at Festival Hall and 5th-6th Oct at Bombay Rock down the Coast..

    From a German Cure website..

    “1984 festival Hall Brisbane Australia – I’ve got some info about this date because I played in the support band. Gold Coast original band ‘Sigh Of Relief’. I got to watch the Cure sound check. Robert Smith sang Boys don’t cry by himself for a vocal check. After the gig we were invited to the Gold Coast show at The Bombay Rock which was only surprisingly half full and hung out with the band members. Not Mr Smith. Later we all went to the local underground night Club ‘Industry’. Robert turned up later. The Gold Coast show set was more poppy than Festival Hall. Both were great gigs. We even had teddy bears thrown on stage at us. Better than being spat at when we supported PIL at the Playroom.

    … I don’t remember the set list, except that the Brisbane Festival Hall show was darker, they ignored songs like “lets go to bed’ and the more poppy songs. Robert Smith played his guitar all night. Where on the Gold Coast he put it down and did those songs. He seemed in a better mood. ”


  9. Tony says:

    So two Gold Coast concerts, but only one Brisbane concert?

  10. Tim Leckie says:

    Yep, he was definitely there after the gig. I worked at the Tube Club. I remember my girlfriend at the time was a big Cure fan and brought them back after the show. I was a little jealous. 🙂

  11. Steve Number 1 Tube Club Devo says:

    Yes – Robert Smith turned up post gig. The bouncers approached my mate Tom (RIP) and myself and tactfully asked us if we would surrender our table for Mr Smith and entourage . We declined and instead invited him to join us but sadly he declined also, which left Tom and I still seated in the sweet spot. Good Days. Nice People. So little violence.
    Miss those days (my youth) and remember them fondly. Big thanks to Kim H and Tony A for getting it “The Tube Club” off the ground. I saw so many bands in that venue. They used to have a flier for every gig and I collected nearly all of them but some scumbag stole them in the early 8o’s. I wish I still had them, it would help me remember who I saw, and when.
    My friends and I were more about the live music scene than dance so we spent a lot of time at Easts Leagues Club. Does anyone else remember the night Nick Cave got booed off stage the night he was supported by Screaming Jay Hawkins?
    Easts was a great venue (Alison and Sue dancing on the bench/table thing that surrounded the back wall and getting the best view ever.) Couldn’t get away with that today.
    Hope I helped, S.

    • Sonya says:

      Oh God!!!! You were my friend from school!!!! Remember we struck one an other at The Tube after we left? We also had those Dutch mates at school – Simon and Jill I think and another brother… I am sad to hear that Tom passed. We would often catch up at The Tube. I often wondered what happened to you 🙂 You may not remember me, though. Remember you lived in that place at Highgate Hill with all the other Brisbane punks, you had that Smash Hits poster of Boy George??? They were early days, very early days and I loved every minute of it!
      Please write back, it would be great to talk to you again.

      • Sonya says:

        Steven J – yes?

      • Steve J says:

        Hey Sonya K,
        I definitely remember you as a tall sexy brunette that I fancied at high school. You have a spunky little sister that I also remember meeting a few times.
        Gill, Simon and Mark were from Liverpool,
        which is near Holland so I understand your confusion.
        The Boy George poster you remembered was attached to our dart board.
        They were good times. A strange mix of sub culture sects but with the overall sub culture scene being so small we mostly tolerated each other.
        We lived at Strath St Highgate Hill in a huge old Queenslander that housed a dozen of us (the oldest was 21 years}.
        I recall a party you had once that was crashed by skinheads.
        Bastards started trashing the place and you were very upset so Tom and I booted them out.
        I lost touch with Gill when she outed and joined the then ,fairly closed ranks of the Brisbane lesbian scene. The brothers , I haven’t seen since school.
        I’m in a relationship with a lovely girl that I first kissed on my 19th birthday at The Tube Club. 3o years this September.
        Currently enjoying a good coffee in the company of interstate friends from that era who are visiting. Chucked a sickie today and am in recovery mode after a weekend of feasting and general overindulgence.
        Really chuffed to find you in my inbox this morning. You’ve made my day!
        Still enjoy music and occasionally go down to Brisbane for concerts so maybe we could catch up sometime.
        We saw The English Beat at The Zoo the other month and have tickets for The Selecter and The Dead Kennedys later this year.
        Seems everyone is doing the rounds so I hope there’s more to come.
        Great to hear from you 🙂
        Stay in touch.


        • Sonya says:

          Hey Steve,
          Made my day to hear from you too. Although, a little shitty about the fancying me in high school bit, jesus, I fancied you too for Godsake LOL. Yes, they were fantastic times. I always remember going to Strath Street with Jason (Ulrich) the tall skinny goth that I hung around with. I caught up with him not long ago as he lives on the NSW North Coast with his kids and wife, hasn’t changed a bit but I’m not sure if you remember him. I do remember that party, it was my 21st and I hope I extended my gratitude properly to you and Tom as I remember to this day that it was quite a shitty evening.
          I am happy that you’re in a nice relationship, makes life and it’s crap more bearable huh? I have three kids. My eldest son is about to turn 18, currently doing his HSC, a 16 year old daughter and a nine year old son as well. I was a late starter in that dept. as I never really did want to settle down. I met a Mod at the Tube around 1984, he was in the army here in Sydney enroute from Townsville. I left Brisbane for Sydney with him not long after and never went back to Brisbane. The scene here was brutal! Very full on and unfriendly in that you had to pick or choose a genre and be dedicated to it or you’d just get chewed up and spat out. I look back now and wish I had of stayed in Brisbane, it was so intimate and so cool, I loved every minute of it. Sydney was just too hard – still is to be honest.
          My ‘spunky’ sister lived on in Brisbane and has three adult kids and 2 grand kids herself. She now lives in the wilds of country NSW with her new partner having divorced the human pig she tolerated for almost 30 years.
          I have been to a few gigs here but I moved more into the European (German) industrial genre. I won’t say ‘scene’ as there is only one club I go to now and then and could never be considered a regular. I’ve seen Rollins recently and when I first moved here (c1986) saw The Damned Buzzcocks The Cramps etc. I still love the old school though music from Combichrist This Morn ‘Omina etc slowly took my fancy and I’ve seen them many times. I am slowly getting into the heavier side of that genre now as I love those German festivals such as Maschinenfest etc.
          I married a guy from Belgium and we travel there every year for the last 11 years. We both have History degrees and like to troll the archaeological and historical sites of Europe for whatever we can find. He has two friends who live and breathe the whole Goth thing and drag us to their various gigs. In fact, that’s how we met, via a Goth chat site… cliche I know but hey, it was better than ending up with a bloody football hooligan 😉
          I am so happy to have been able to see you again after all these years.
          Please keep in touch.
          My email is sven_db2303@hotmail.com
          That would be fantastic.
          Sonya X
          PS thank you to the moderator for passing on our messages, it was very kind of you considering privacy arrangements….

        • Leigh says:

          I stumbled back onto this website today…having completed the piece I was trying to write years ago…never realising that my question had been answered by so many people – THANKS! And Steve, did you live with Tony C at Strath Street and were also friends with Tim N? I went out with Tony C for years. If so…I remember you always playing Derek and Clive records…that place was a pit, but the best fun ever.

  12. Noel says:

    Yes he was there I remember having to give my ticket stub to staff before entering.
    Those were great days with good friends.
    I said Giday to Robert and shook his hand.

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