Clubbed Out underway

We are well and truly underway in discovering the Nightlife Brisbane had from 1950 to 2000. The list is growing as are the people who want to share their stories. So far we have discovered about a range of clubs in the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s including The Primitif, Red Orb, Uncles which had phones on the tables so you could contact a nearby table, The Cave which had sand on the floor, TC’s Sound Lounge and of course De Brazil or DB’s as it was known. As far as the 80′s go well that list is growing too and many memories are flooding back. If you’re keen to be a part of this project you can either leave a comment on this site, or go to our facebook page.

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  1. Dee Roser says:

    I enjoyed niteclubs from 1975 – 1979. Exciting Times!
    Starting out at Sweeneys Restaurant my friends and I would dance the latest disco style to a band called ‘Puddleduck’ and listen to Toy De Wilde burst into song. This club changed its name to the Silver Dollar and it was opposite the Valley Rail Stn.
    Rowes in the city was always crowded out and of course there was the Hacienda. The gays had the bottom floor bar and eventually took over the bar above which featured a revue style floorshow on Sundays.
    I was in awe of the striptease performers at the World By Night stripclub. The club was on the site of a mortuary. It had also been a late night eatery called Willys Bazaar and then Peter Pipers Pancake Parlour before become Brisbanes first stripclub. The Orient Hotel was frequented for more disco dancing and to consume alcoholic shakes. After the stripclub closed it was on to Romeos to have a look at Mother & Frieda. (Are they still around?)

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Dee
      Wow, so Sweeneys was before the Silver Dollar. I’d love to know what was on their menu and what Puddleduck looked like! Now Willy’s Bazaar was at 546 Queen Street which I assume is where you are talking about. Could you please also let me know what an alcoholic shake was, I’m curious! Will try to find out about Mother and Frieda too.

  2. Gary Uhlmann says:

    I remember when I was at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go a week before it was fire bombed how scarey is that? There was Checkers, Top Cat and there was the International Hotel where you would drink at Warren’s Bar…He had the make up and all that stuff, he was a head of his time. You would try to pick up birds but you had to be choosey because the place use to be frequented by high class hookers. Some places could stay open late thats 1.00pm OMG! and they would serve you food like savory mince with rice so they could stay open. The best place was the Homestead Hotel in Zillmere…they use to have cabaret shows with international artist and serve free food so they could stay open late too.

    • Geoff Curtis says:

      Wondering if Gary Uhlmann was a Balmoral High or Cannon Hill State School boy?
      I was a ‘clubber’ as they are now called from an early age, my friend Fred & I would go to The Cave in Elizabeth St on Saturday afternoon and on to places like De Brazil, Red Orb later in the night.
      There were clubs in Edward St which changed names frequently and a few clubs in Brunswick St.
      In the late 60′s my friends and I ran ‘The Web’ in an old hall in Station Rd Booval on a Friday night with Brisbane bands and local bands, some names were ‘Ice Bag Party and ‘Inner Mind’. I also organised a night at the old Ipswich Incinerator before it became a theatre, as a fund raiser and had Ice Bag Party play the house down with blues like no one had ever heard. They were great days and bring back so many memories and names.

    • Bernie says:

      My parents were there the night before….

  3. Mick merriman says:

    Before it was Whiskey-a-go-go it was called Willy’s Bazzare. Good times to be had at this dance/ chill out/ coffee drop in. There was always an assortment of trends of the era.
    One that stands out was a huge bloke called “Tiny”. He shared the bouncing with another bloke named Nick and was a tough bugger considering he was tottally gay.
    You could aquire any of the party makers of the time, be subjected to body searches from the D/S outside on the footpath & be part of the melting pot of the great era.

  4. linholt says:

    What about Tommys and LeBoheme in George st. Lands Office and not to forget the gold coast and Coolangatta at Xmas was a ritual

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Lin
      We were talking about Le Boheme today with Bob Watson who was and still is a jazz musician, however, we didn’t know the name so it’s great that you sent it through! We also discussed Tommy’s too, apparently someone shot off their rifle into Les Crosby’s trumpet! Now, the hardest bit is finding some photos and anything else from the clubs including people who may have worked there. Saw some great pics of Coolangatta and Gold Coast as well.

  5. Gary Burke says:

    I remember going to 2 discos in the early 60′s one called O’Conner Boathouse and the outher one called Sadlers Sound Lounge which you had to wear a tie to and had flashing disco lights built into the floor. The Primative Cafe in the Picadilli Arcade had a band called the Purple Hearts and was very smokey and everone drank strong coffee.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Gary, I saw a pic from the O’Conner Boathouse, now where exactly was that? This is the first I have heard of Sadlers Sound Lounge, keen to hear more about that one, you have to love a flashing dance floor. Does anyone know exactly where it was?
      The Primitif was run by Peter Hackworth, I am looking forward to chatting with her soon as well as Mick Hadley who was in the Purple Hearts. Stay tuned!

      • Bill says:

        Sadlers Sound lounge was downstairs in Edward Street between Elizabeth Street and Charlotte St perhaps near the present site of QHA House. As a youngster I used to help my mother clean the venue. it was a dry venue but we picked up plenty of empty spirit bottles each day! It was a very dark and poky room.

        • diane says:

          dont u remember sadlers sound lounge the jet club and belfast hotel

          i luvd whiskey was there just before bomb
          luved sadlers met a lot a lot of great people there

      • veronica mlnar says:

        We used to go to Whispers in the early 80s and Sybils..used to go with a group of girlfriends and laugh at the cool hip men lined up with their tight leather pants and gold chains..loved the djs and mirror balls..and dancing to the wee hours and coming home with sore feet..we were still in our late teens then..remember going years later to the valley like in the late 90s and went to a place that had video clips on a big screen and over priced drinks..just wasnt the same..and hardly anyone was dancing.

      • veronica molnar says:

        Wow Mick Hadley i used to see him at the Manly Hotel in the late 90s and then at the Aussie Nash Hotel at the Gabba he was great and always got people dancing even in confined places..wonder where he is now.

      • tony says:

        Hi Pauline,

        Did you ever find that O’Conner Boathouse photo? My Dad used to be a regular there back in the early 60′s!

        I’d love to see if he’s in it!


        • Pauline says:

          I still haven’t found one yet. Shall put the call out again!

          • tony says:

            I do have at least one photo of Mum and Dad dancing somewhere in probably 62/63.

            Just not sure if it’s at the Boathouse, Cloudland, Town Hall or somewhere else..

            It may even be colour – I’ll have to dig it out and refresh my memory.


    • Gary Burke says:

      O’Conner Boathouse was down at North Quay playing mostly surfing music I remember ther DJ there was a guy called Bill Gates

      • tony says:

        hmmm, apparently he’s the same Bill Gates who claimed to be one of the founders of the Bee Gee’s. Dad recalls that he owned an Austin Healey 100 6 back in the day – a very trendy sports car then!

        Also according to Dad, the singer at the O’Connor Boathouse was a guy called Tony Wormsley (he’s still around in Brisbane).

        And the O’Connor Boathouse had there own dance step called the Boathouse 2-Step..

        • Glenn says:

          I remember the O’Connor Boathouse well, and yes a regular DJ was Bill Gates, who was also a very popular radio DJ on 4BH.
          I can’t recall Bill’s Austin Healey, but I do remember him in a little Lotus Elan, which he also raced at Lakeside.
          Speaking of these sports cars, it was customary for those of us with such a set of wheels to arrive as early as possible on a Saturday afternoon in order to grab the prime parking (posing) spot right in front of the entrance.
          Old regulars will recall the line up of sports cars always parked out front every Saturday evening. (Mine, for the record, was a british racing green Triumph TR4)
          The venue was a wooden building build right beside the Brisbane River on North Quay, from memory between Ann St and Turbot St.
          A very popular ‘record hop’ and always standing room only…..

          • John Turnwer says:

            I am looking for the name of the bloke, still going I believe, who used to own the underground night club opposite the Metro Theatre in the late 60′s. Johnny O’Keefe was a client there. He was a big bloke called Dennis, I think who ran the joint.

          • Arnaldo Botelho says:

            I knew Bill Gates well. I used to go to O’Connors Boathouse from the start on Tuesday nights. Used to jive to the latest music which Bill had sent out from the US. Bill started racing a Triumph TR3A, progressed to an Elfin Clubbman with which he fetched John Laws at Eagle Farm. When John arrived at the Boathouse, Bill primed everyone to call out “Hello, Long John.”
            I used to dance a lot with Robyn Wilson. Sorry we lost touch when I left for the Snowy Mountains. My email address is : if any of my friends from the old Boathouse wish to contact me.

        • Chris Howard says:

          Tony Worsley – last I heard he had a restaurant in Caloundra. He played at ‘Teen City’ at Red Hill as well bac in about 1965

        • tina says:

          I remember Tony Worsley – he also used to be at a place called South Pacific on Stanley Street at the Gabba

        • John W Ryan says:

          Tony WORSLEY
          The GIBB Brothers ( BeeGees) had their Dad pushing and Claude & Beryl Carnell from the Gold Coast gave them a push & Bill Gates played their Demo

        • Trevor Bagnall says:

          Tony Worsley was lead singer with the Blue Jays
          back in the early Normy Rowe days. 2 fine guys.

  6. ROSS PALM says:

    Great job Pauline…Just one thing…mention is made of Top of the Town…It was actually called Top of the State and later Images. I had the pleasure of being general manager there throughout some really great years.Your research has brought some great memories….

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Ross, I did notice in the article that it mentioned Top of the Town, not sure how that happened. That’s amazing that you were the manager, it really was the place to go. I’ll be putting up a poster from TOTS soon. Any others that you may have please let me know.

      • ROSS PALM says:


        Thanks for your reply re Top of the State. I still have some posters, pics and contracts of the various artists/acts that performed there…somewhere :-}If you feel that they may be of interest I would be happy to pass them on. Is there a direct email address?

        You would probably be aware that there was another venue called Talk of the Town and that may have caused the confusion re the of TOTS.

        We were also involved with the New York Hotel in then Queen Street and believe there a few pics etc of that venue floating about….somewhere. Those were the days :-}

  7. Pauline says:

    Wow Ross,
    keen to have a look at what you have – its sounds great! I’m so happy that people have held onto items, always keen for more too. I look forward to meeting up with you.

  8. Annette says:

    I have great memories of Friday nights at the nightclub in Rowe’s arcade with my gay friends – so much dancing! Then Donna Summer’s song “Last Dance” to signify the last song of the night.
    Also fantastic times at the Orient Hotel. The days of live bands in the pubs was so entertaining, including The Castle at South Brisbane and The Patch at Coolangatta.
    Great website guys – keep up the great work!

  9. michael says:

    wall street was a great club, wondering sometimes when the lift broke down how you would get out in the event of a fire, cinderella rockefellers opposite the st. pauls tavern had a free bus from there to the other cinders at the newstead hotel, birties tavern under the myer centre which turned into a sizzlers, metropolis was the best live band venue in brisbane, when the placed closed you were tripping over a sea of vb cans on the floor….they were only $2.00 a can..i think that turned into a fitness club, babble-on on elizabeth, volcanic bass, mass at the lands office, hollywoods when everthing else had closed for liquer coffees and falling asleep on the lounges in the dark corners only for the bouncer to find you there at 8 or 9 in the morning telling me its time to go home, of course the roxy in the valley and manhatten. You didnt have to worry about being underage in the valley you would get in anywhere and there was no dress code like in the city….thats all changed..What was that nightclub called next to the entrance of the bus station in albert street just under jos jos..ive only recently thrown out all the old rave and time-off mags…was good reading through them all and remembering all the old gigs and clubs..

  10. Bruce McGilvery says:

    Two highlights I recall were seeing Python Lee Jackson with Mal McGee on vocals performing at the Red Orb around 1966 and Doug Parkinson & the Questions at the Foco Club at Trades Hall, Wickham Tce. on a Sunday night about 1967.

    • Geoff says:

      Hi Bruce I’m sure we would have spoken at The Orb around ’66. Many names come to mind, Frank, Warren, Butch, Tiny, Lyndel, Lee, Colin, Kerry, Cliff to name a few. There was a reunione of sorts after the name change to Quinten’s but ir never was the same. I have mentioned to friend’s over the years how you could buy a half glass of coke so you could pull the bacardi out of your coat and top it up…One of my greatest memories is seeing Thorpie up close and very load.

  11. ANDY c says:

    hi guysi not sure who is behind this,great plan.but u seem to miss the the point here,there are lot off clubs that were (main stream. vs altertive )…that have not been talked about. and from what i can some dates and places are out off sync.i just like to ask what happen toTHE
    ALARM @ 8…1 ELIZABRTH ST THE CITY(held the 1st every dance oparty using
    the word “RAVE” it was call ” RAVE UK 1″ Headliner was paul holdon from
    sdy)THE SITE NIGHT CLUB THE VALLEY (BRISBANES 1ST SUPER CLUB)FLARES (strated in 1980 and still going dj was the main off all style johhny -g)and how can forget THE GO GO CLUB (pre funk yard same address) then pre – Super Deluxe, press Clubat the Empire – was a weekly club nite night called AL SOULED OUT(massive , started the acid jazz revation )
    there is more if u would like my help and i keen to as key people who where really there .
    my self i have wored in the brisbane club sence for 22 years.


  12. alan mantle says:

    In the early 1950′s,within the National Geographic Society’s premises in Ann Street (adjacent to The Peoples Palace ) a conference hall was transformed nightly into the Blue Moon Nightclub.My father’s office was across a corridor from it and I can remember peering through the cigarette smoke haze and dim blue lighting , wondering what it was all about.I assumed that the participants were enjoying themselves despite the ambience.

  13. Mike Higgison says:

    Howdy – For now I’ll just list all our haunts from the 80s.

    Hot Gossip and Lexington Queen in Albert St (mall) where the strip joint is now
    Wall Street was upstairs in Edward Street near the bike shop arcade (met Motley Crue up there in 1989)
    Court Jester (we used to call it Court Molester coz everyone was underage) before it became Alice’s Rock Cafe (Rums $1.80)
    Metropolis was downstairs under the Myer Centre (hated the joint) but plenty of local bands played there
    Tracks was on the ground floor of the BCC building between Adelaide and Queen st across from Sherry’s Disposals
    Someplace Else was the bar upstairs at Central Station (used to pop in for a quickie before catching the train)
    QUT Campus Club had the ZZZ-club live acts every Tuesday night (saw the Lime Spiders and Hoodoo Gurus there!)
    Uni Refec out at St.Lucia campus was great for cheap drinks
    Stratus was at the Homestead Hotel and went off around 1987/88 (“Stratus …. the ultimate at-mos-phere”)
    Sweethearts was at both the Colmslie Hotel and Alexandra Hills Hotel (Colmslie was “The Blue Room” before that)
    Brissies was at the Sunnybank Hotel and had local bands
    Downstairs at the Treasury Hotel on George Street had the nickname “The Bomb Shelter” (saw Celibate Rifles there from memory)
    Lands Office Hotel was nearby and we used to drop in there for a few looseners on the way to QIT (it wasnt QUT back then!)
    Cinderella Rockefellers I remember going to but cant remember where it was (Spring hill perhaps?)
    The Underground was originally at the Boot Factory site near Suncorp Stadium (it was Lang Park back then)
    Images was on the top floor of the SGIO (Suncorp) building, and was Top Of The State before that
    I saw Powderfinger at the Orient Hotel around 1991 and there was about 10 people there !!!
    Festival Hall was the main venue in Brissie. Saw ACDC, U2, Angels, Warrant, Party Boys, Split Enz, The Knack, Uncanny X-Men heaps of others there) Even saw the wrestling and Roller Game there when I was a kid.
    In the Valley, there was the Roxy, Manhattans, the Beat and the Hacienda. I think friday was gay night and saturday straight night at the Beat? Someone will remember.
    can’t leave out Rock Arena at the Mansfield Tavern. (Saw Angels, Madness, Icehouse, Divinyls, Hoodoogurus, Radiators, Australian Crawl, Mondo Rock there)
    As for big gigs – anyone remember the Ekka concerts each year ? 1985 had Kids in the kitchen and The Models, 1988 had the Cockroaches (before they became Wiggles) JBlack Sorrows and Divinyls, Another year Mental As Anything.

    I also frequented the Gold Coast venues …. Bombay Rock on Cavill Avenue (saw Radiators, Machinations, Angels, Divinyls, Men At Work etc there) , The Playroom at Tallebudgera had no peer as the best live venue in the south east, The Patch hotel at Coolangatta, Grand Hotel at Southport, The Piggery was that former abattior down at Byron Bay ….

    I also saw INXS at the Playroom when they were the resident band around 1981 (I was underage!) and there would have been no more than 50 people there lol.

    Think I’m tearing up here :-)

    • Tammy Cherry-Holmes says:

      Thank You Mike for the information as I was trying to find a list of places we use to haunt back in the day then.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Mike for bringing back some mad memories. I used to go to the Court Jester every Friday night and yes I was underaged then.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Mike for bringing back some mad memories. I used to go to the Court Jester every Friday night and yes I was underaged then.

    • Marto says:

      Don’t forget the 279 Club, ground floor of the Exchange Hotel – some great Punk played there; you had to go to White Chairs (back of the Carlton Hotel) beforehand. Also Jabbo’s Blues Bar, which was previously the Curry Shop (punk venue – remember RaZar), on the Corner of George and Roma Streets (Headstones, 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Presidents 11, played often). The Atcherley, downstairs opened by Marto and Big Danny featured the Screaming Tribesmen and also had to bung on free food as a condition of licence. Aaah….. the memories.

    • Mark Henderson says:

      Hi Mike – I think you are the same Mike I know via Rugby League circles. Blown away that you have the same music taste too….I also remember seeing MANY bands on the Gold Coast during the fab 80′s at Seagulls (Cheap Trick, The Church, Hoodoos, Martha Davis ect) and Twin Towns AS WELL AS the Jet Club at Cooly (The Church MANY times, Screaming Tribesmen, Lime Spiders, Celebates, Huxton Creepers ect)… Also have VERY VERY fond memories of Morticia’s in the Canberra Hotel (now but a memory!) and Rumplestiltskins in St Pauls Terrace (and Bonapartes Retreat). Also Funkensteins and THE LOVE INN.

  14. noel says:

    a quick note – my first ‘friday night spot’ was the circus bar at lennons in 1980. the best live cover band i ever heard- brooklyn, with vocalist wayne nettle – unbeliveable versions of lido shuffle, what can i say, cocaine, smoke on the water, every night, (as good as phoebe snow, much better than beatles), security (memories of the original, legendary thane russell & three, not jo jo zep) and numerous others…but never doug parkinson’s dear prudence…just the opening few notes!! ouzo and coke 90 cents, 3 piece suits and tattoos…many, many characters…. it went in 1984, never repeated or challenged. apart from mick hodgkins’ mangrove jack, have not heard a finer live band. even billy thorpe at pipp’s in 81 or 82, playing unannounced at 1 a.m. didn’t come close.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Noel
      I loved the Circus Bar! I’d go there for a counter lunch during the day – god it was good. Then at night it was chockers with cheap drinks and sing a longs to the band. Very funny. Thanks for jogging my memory on that bar – shame it’s gone

  15. Olga says:

    Wispers in Brunswick St. Down town Brisbane was officially opened by the then Premier of Queensland the Hon. Joh Bjelke-Petersen in November 1979, not Sally Ann Atkinson,Lady Mayoress,as previously stated in comments .Whispers was and still would be the classiest venue Brisbane has ever experienced. Iwill be bringing lots of memorabilia to the Clubbed Out Road Show on Friday 19th November.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Olga, Many people have very fond memories of Whispers. I didn’t know that Joh opened it. I’m pretty sure that Sally Ann opened the next incarnation of the venue which was Manhattans not Whispers. We are presently trying to confirm this as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Roadshow!

      • veronica molnar says:

        Sally Ann opened Sybils i read today on a site ..i cant remember where it was but i remember going there as well as Whispers which was opened by Joh in 79 and it closed in 83..didnt realize it was only opened for such a short time..glad we got to experience it tho.

  16. Bruce says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Tony MacArthur? Disc jockey at 4BC in the sixties, compare of many Festival Hall concerts.

  17. Trevor Wilson says:

    Tony MacArthur left Brisbane around 1966 or 1967; I remember seeing him leave from Eagle Farm airport to return to Britain. I believe he then worked for Radio Luxembourg; some of his interviews with the Beatles for this station can be found on Google. Don’t know where he is now or even if he’s still alive!!

    • Bruce McGilvery says:

      I think he lives in the States.
      I first met him when he worked for 4SB Kingaroy in country Queensland before he moved to 4BC.
      I picked up a $2 CD some years ago of Beatles interviews and one was with Tony. Priceless stuff.

  18. Trevor Wilson says:

    Just noticed that Shirley Bassey’s manager in the 80′s was a Tony Macarthur; maybe the same guy????

  19. jeff stratton says:

    4BC used to have a station identification that sang ” geoff, tony and bob” or something like that, if i recall…. he was the ‘tony’ part.

    i know he did the world exclusive paul mccartney interview when ‘Sgt Pepper’ was released in mid -1967………from ‘radio luxemburg’ which could have been a pirate radio…??

    jeff stratton

    • Bruce McGilvery says:

      Geoff Atkinson, Tony MacArthur and Bob (Graham) Smith.

      • Frankrobbo says:

        Think you will find the Bob was Bob Wills who had been poached by 4BC from either BH or BK. He didn’t stay long at the big BC and was replaced by the powder blue MG driving Smithy who went on to the really big time as manager of 2MMM in Sydney before moving to a Gosford station and retiring relatively young from there.

    • Thor Eriksen says:

      I go around with the fun crowd on the big BC

  20. jeff stratton says:

    “The Beatles – Unreleased 1964 Interview Master Tape”

    An unreleased 1964 master tape of the Beatles being interviewed by Australian disc jockey Tony MacArthur of radio station 4BC. On June 29, 1964 MacArthur interviewed each Beatle separately, as well as their press representative, Derek Taylor, at the appropriately named Lennon’s Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. A few minutes of this interview was released on the album “The Beatles Talk Downunder,” however this is the complete 31 minutes of interviews. It’s got a lot of fascinating content, including Ringo talking about missing part of the tour due to illness (he was replaced by Jimmy Nichol;) John talking about his book, making the Hard Day’s Night film and record; George on The Beatles’ (lack of) acting abilities, and Paul talking about the rereleases of all their recordings with Tony Sheridan. Loads of very interesting content. This tape was sent to LA DJ Dave Diamond in 1964, in exchange for some of Diamond’s Beatles interview tapes. In excellent condition, with a CDR transfer of the tape. We can find no evidence of any other copy of this recording anywhere.

  21. Yvonne Phelps says:

    Hi there I was around the nightclub seen
    From 1977. First club I remember was Mamie’s
    It later went on to be Whispers . There was also Nights
    It was the only Byo club and was open till 5 am and served
    Breakfast. It later became the Alarm and was across from
    Checkers. Then there was General Jacksons at the the. Crest Hotel.
    The best memories.

    • tony green says:

      i was in the army in 1977 i remember all those clubs yvonne me and a select few mates would hit everyone of them from thursday through to satuday wake up with a hangover on sunday then broke for another fortnight hahaah those were the the days we maybe even danced together at one stage

  22. Glenn says:

    One non-permanent dance venue that I attended was Brisbane City Hall. On the one occasion I went there, in the early ’60′s, along with the DJ pumping out the tracks, there was a newcomer singer on stage introduced as Billy Thorpe.
    He did a great job and had the big room jumping.
    Later I happened to be visiting the public men’s room and who should respond to a similar call at the same time but the same Billy.
    We happened to be occupying adjoining urinals, so I complimented him on his performance and wished him well for his future. He thanked me very courteously and off we went.
    My best wishes clearly worked!

  23. thomas says:

    I went to the red orb back in the golden years..happy to see thursdays children…almost a super group…was a great little club,sadly missed its atmosphere when it changed names….saw doug parkinson there too and visiting english bands used to visit the club too…

  24. Alison Knaipp says:

    I am a 46 year old women now residing in Vancouver B.C Canada .
    I lived in Brisbane in the 1980′s and worked at several clubs in Fortitude
    Valley in the 1980′s , one being the NOTORIOUS World By Night
    Strip bar from the age 18 – 21 . It truly was a one of a kind place , nothing
    Like it anywhere !!
    I have fantastic memories of my time spent there and will never forget
    It .
    Now if only I’d saved some photos :( but I guess that’s what memories
    Are for ! I truly loved Brisbane in the 1980′s and feel very blessed that I was
    Able to have spent time at World By Night and I miss it in the most
    Nostalgic way .

    Alison Knaipp .

    • John says:


      I used to drop into World by Night in 76 and always wanted to catch up with Rani who I became friends with. It’s been close to 36 years since I last saw her in Indroopilly. We had some good nights out in the Valley


    • meg says:

      Alison – I’m interested in your post – would you please contact me? Thank you.

    • meg says:

      Alison – can you contact me on – writing a history, thanks.

    • Jason says:

      Oh what memories – World by Night! A friend and I used to go there quite a lot from around 1985-86 (from memory) before it burnt down. We were only 15 or 16 at the time and really just went there to do the underage drinking thing. We felt so grown up going in that place although i never really understand why the guy at the door would let us in as i definitely looked 15. In hindsight it was probably because it was all illegal and didn’t exist according to the Government so i guess they weren’t going to care to much about a couple of underage kids.

      There was a lady who went by the stage name of Anjelica. Did you know her?

  25. Van Richards-Smith says:

    Hi , I was the Friday night DJ at Sadler’s Sound Lounge when I worked at 4BH 1965-69. Most of the DJ were radio station employees – Bill Ryner (4KQ) did Saturday Nights
    The owner was Bill Sadler . I started when it was at the corner of Elizabeth & Albert St – it then moved to the basement of the Canegrowers building in Edwards St.
    We played a program of hits and middle of the road music as well as Latin .
    We did not have a cue system and it was a definitely an art form to play music for 6 hours ( 7pm – 1am) with out a gap in the music. There was no DJ ” chit chat” just solid music – at least until the 1970′s.
    Bill had to come over to me on numerous occasions – ” For God sake sit them down they will wreck the place ” – We had a ball – but that was Friday night – Saturday night was an entirely different audience – I hated doing Saturday night.


    • Lyn says:

      oh yes I have fond memories of Sadlers in Elizabeth st where I met my husband to be…lots of Trini Lopez was played on Frid & Sat nights…always a buzz & very. Upmarket dress code…thankyou for the memories

  26. Greg Poultney says:

    First club in Brisbane I visited was Adam and Eves in the Valley in 1969. There was also Uncles in Elizabeth St, Snoopys at the YMCA, Red Orb in a basement opposite which am park and a couple of year later Willys Bazzar. All no alcohol clubs back then as drinking limit was 21.
    Late 70′s worked at the National hotel in Queen Street. We had Warrens Bar and the best touring bands in Australia until they changed the band venue to Apples Disco. Willys Bazzar turned into World by Night strip club by then.

  27. Deb says:

    Ahhhh – those certainly were the days. Once I left high school in 1965 I was ready to see what was going on in my home town re music scenes. I started off going to O’Connors Boat House but I really wanted something different other than surfing music – and I was tiring of hearing These Boots are Made for Walking. My friend and I found The Scene at Petrie Bight which was more to my liking and I saw some pretty good bands there like The Loose Ends, The Untamed and many visiting bands from down south. My tartan pants and very short mini skirt got quite a work out in those days. We soon moved on to The Orb which was fabulous – loved Purple Hearts, Thursdays Children and Bay City Union and Chelsea Set. We tried the St George Club a couple of times and a couple of other clubs in the city – I don’t have much memorabilia from those days other than what’s in my memory. I’m sure my family thought I was strange for liking such stuff but that was what I needed then. So from 1965 to 1969 I enjoyed this lifestyle until the inevitable happened and I joined the married folk – but I still love and have all that great music from that time. Hope my little yarn is not too boring……..

    • Geoff says:

      Deb have a look at facebook ‘Friends of the Orb’ you might see a few old names to bring back more memories.

      • Sandy Oksanen says:

        I have just looked for Friends of the Orb on Facebook with no luck.
        I always went to the Red Orb and the Primitif and Foco and would love to look up some old names. Any better clues?

    • malcolm says:

      Hi Deb, I also frequented the Scene and he Orb at the same time, 65/66. Loved the bands Purple hearts, Bay City Union, Chelsea Set etc? I think we were still at school? Alcohol wasn’t important then. You must have been in the crowd, Tartan skirts eh?

  28. Bruce McGilvery says:

    Does anybody remember John Brownrigg / The Feelgoods?

  29. sonya says:

    Would you know any information? My Birth Father (unknown) was with my Birth Mother named Kaye Saunders (nee Somers) in Brisbane, Qld, in February or March, 1970. She was a Barmaid in Brisbane at the time, and married with 2 children. She worked at National Hotel, Royal Junction, Gabba Hotel, Wilson 1870. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. I was adopted out at birth. Any information you have would be forever grateful. thank you

  30. Janette says:

    Dose anyone have any information about the old bands that played at TCsoundlounge the band names beachies was one band other band is poor man sons they both played at TC SOUND LOUNGE PLUS THE CAVE IN Brisbane

  31. Jeff Abrahams says:

    I used to go to Adam and Eves Night Club in the Valley in the late 60′s. Also the YMCA once a month used to have Snoopy Hollows Night Club oon too of the YMCA. We used to go to tge Sound Machine. Also on a Saturday morning TC Byrnes used to gave a dance in the Valley.

  32. Glenn says:

    I’m almost positive TC’s (Top Cat) was originally Sadlers Sound Lounge, located in Elizabeth Street between Edward and George.
    Could be wrong, things are getting a tad fuzzy!
    I do recall, by whatever name, the joint was LOUD.

  33. Hi PB – I know you from my days with Bris City Council (in City Events with Athol Y) you may recall? I must congratulate you on this great site and the fantastic feedback and response it has received. Now that we have a Go-Between(s) Bridge and a plaque dedicated to The Saints (and a park soon I believe?) there should be something to commemorate the ground-breaking but short lived existence of Railroad Gin, yes???
    Also think they should change the Jinker Track to Wickety Wak Track….what about the Mr Meaner Motorway? …Powderfinger Point? …Surely some of these are usable??
    All the very best always and Happy New 2018. MH

  34. Kate King says:

    Loved the coconut toasted cheese sandwiches at Willys Bazaar, Sadlers where I met my future husband, it was a coffee disco lounge….. And Christies cheesecake and chocolate coffee Cafe on Queen Street in the 70s.

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